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My Cambodia family trip

It’s been so long and I nearly forgotten that I haven’t posted any updates on my trip to Cambodia with sis & mom. It’s an enjoyable & wonderful trip!! I really love that place and the people and most important is having a great sis as my company. Totally love this trip <3


We need to wake up at 4am to catch the flight at LCCT >.<|||

We reached Siam Reap International Airport @ 10+ in the morning…. Good morning sunshine~!

Sis booked the flight + hotel + 1day tour via AirAsiaGo… and the hotel is really, super niceeee!!! Love love love this hotel <3

The hotel room wasn’t ready for us so we take some time to take pictures in the hotel… it was hugeeee

Wait till we see the room, we were totally impressed with it.. of cuz we paid a hefty price for it.. hahhaah…oh well, this was meant to be an enjoyable and relaxing trip for us… so the $ is well paid off

They even have fresh lotus flower on the hotel lounge… smells refreshing 🙂

The bed can even fit 3 adults and they were soooo comfy!

Since the first day is free and easy for us, we take 0ur time to shower and change before go out for our adventure in a foreign land 😀

We walked down towards Pub street… on the way there were a few markets that sold souvenirs…. and it’s shopping time for the ladies~!

Yippppeeeeee!! And we just went to soup dragon for lunch since this was recommended by my friend and sis’s friend 🙂

We got a bit too excited and we ordered more than we can finish >.<|| And I also ordered a local green drinks which was said to be refreshing and it tasted very special + nicee.. not like I have tried such drinks before…

This was meant to be a mom+sis-only-trip as the condition of this country does not really suitable for my nephew. And bro-in-law will have to stay behind to take care of him. 🙂 I’m glad that we did enjoy ourselves to the fullest even without the cheeky one :p

We went for a massage in the evening… and it was a bad choice as it made my leg sore before going to Angkor Wat~!

Next up will be a hot day out at this historical place ~ Angkor Wat! <3

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