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Hong Kong Countdown of 2014

#throwback of my 2014 Hong Kong trip

It’s my first time celebrating new year in another country, other than Malaysia (which I have not done so in many years), or Singapore (the city which I’m living now). It’s a new experience for me and it was awesome! 

Hk 2014 fireworks

The difference encounter for counting down in other country like HK, is that you need to be at the venue as early as 6pm. Yes, it’s 6pm! People already queue up and enter the premises at 6+. Imagine you have to wait until midnight. That is 6 hours wait. @@ 

Fireworks Hong Kong 2014

As a first timer, I started my way out from hotel at 6pm. Went for dinner then walk towards the venue – Avenue of Stars. I was there at 8pm. It’s a 4hours wait. I did nothing, only waited patiently. 

Around 10+, LINE started to distribute pom pom. It was really cool! The only disadvantage? You cant release the air once you pump them up. I have to poke a hole to release the air in order to bring them back. That means, I can’t pump them up again. 

HK Fireworks

By then, it’s already people mountain people sea. It was really really crowded. 

Hong Kong 2014 fireworks

Oh well, for the fireworks, it’s all worth it. 

Hk fireworks

I have to say, selfie stick really comes in handy at such time. Too bad I don’t have one. Can’t use them to take nice shot without being blocked by some other selfie sticks. 

Hong Kong fireworks

Nonetheless, really thank God that I’m being watched over and walking back to hotel was so easy. Have my first experience of walking on Hong Kong street with no cars on it and weather was so nice!  😀

Fireworks 2014

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Eat again in Hong Kong!

#throwback Hong Kong 2014 trip

This post is all about the food! 

Hong Kong food

On my 3rd trip to HK, it’s all about slowing down and eat all I can. I ate in cha chan teng everyday, for their milk tea / noodle. The taste was so different with ours and theirs were really nice. 

Hong Kong cha chan teng HK food Cha chan teng food

The roast chicken / pork / goose / duck were really yummy. But, it was quite expensive for the goose. 

Roast delicacy

Walk into any of the dim sum shop and they all were so tasty. No need queue up for Michelin star dim sum at all. 😀

Hong Kong dim sum

And we spotted this crepe shop just nearby our hotel, their durian crepe was really delicious. Especially for a non-dessert person like me, I have to say, this was really good. 

dessert durian crepe

Nothing to shout about for Macau food. It was quite expensive and crowded with tourists. I wouldn’t say it was a good experience to be there. But it’s just a “been there, done that” experience. I will not want to go back to Macau again. Not for the food, not for the casino, definitely not for the crowd. 

Macau food

And this mark the end of my HK food trip. Guess I won’t be going there anytime soon. Probably 5 years later? Guess I will only go there again for family trip to HK disneyland. 😀 

Hong Kong food

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Met Donnie Yen in Person!!!

I’m not a big fan of any actor / actress. So when my girl friend said she hopes to meet famous star in HK, I just laugh in my heart, thinking only if we are so lucky.

Well, in fact we are so lucky to meet Donnie Yen in person!! It happened so fast that I also don’t know what to say to him.

It was late Tuesday night and we were walking towards Lan Kwai Fong. I was walking on the right lane when I noticed some china guy taking picture with this guy. So I just turned over and saw Donnie Yen. I stopped my girl friend and we were so excited! I shouted my other friends but they just walked further away.

Nonetheless, we had our pictures taken that night, leaving the place feeling so satisfied.

Donnie Yen isn’t really tall in person, but he is sure super handsome and macho. He didn’t talk much, seems like he had a few drinks already. Still, he is so charming.

This is like a dream come true. So blessed on this HK trip. Happy *(^.^)*

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