I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Butterfly farm with family

Had a great CNY this year… especially when our baby girl celebrated her first CNY with us.

Since the mom need a time-off , we brought the boy to have a walk.

Actually we are looking for toy museum. But we are not sure where it has moved to. So we ended up in butterfly farm.

It has been years since our last visit to here. That was when dad was still alive. And so many things have changed.

They have more butterflies there and the whole place were decorated with much effort being put in.

And they even have charges for foreigners and local! I just love this. This should be implemented in such a way so that the locals can enjoy this place without feeling reluctant to visit this place due to the price.

Even for locals we have to pay RM 18 for adult, RM 13.50 for children, RM 10 for senior citizen. Hahaha… mom is considered senior citizen d lor. ^^ As for the foreigners, they will have to pay … I think is RM 27 for adult. Can’t remember the price for children. :p

They even have a cartoon for kids to watch and it’s really funny video clips. Talks about dragonfly vs bee. Not much of education but it was really funny and the kids & adults enjoyed it! (no pic on that though)

It was a hot day and lucky I’m dressed in a light attire to beat the heat. ^^

The boy definitely enjoyed himself as he got this time out and he took a lot of pictures there as well. Lastly he also got one ice-cream to chill himself by the end of the little tour.

And we the adults had fun too!

Just realized I didn’t take picture with my sis cuz no1 help us take it >.<|| Mom’s hand too shaky and same goes to the boy. Haha… too bad. We just need a tripod next time!

Family time rocks!


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Haagen Dazs for Tea Time

Shopping in Sg Wang … and this is my look of the day ~!

Went for Haagen Dazs after shopping spree…. sis got special craving again… hahahah…

We shared one creation to satisfied our craving… the price changed again…. became more ex … *sigh*

It’s a long day… after we have shopped till we dropped in Sg Wang and throw everything back to the hotel…


Lucky for us the hotel is just opposite Sg Wang…

And again, this was a great moment… it’s been a long time I didn’t enjoy such private moment with sis…

The last time was 1yr ago… where she transited in Singapore… and we have a day together….. miss that moment… Hopefully there will be another private meet up for us next year ^^

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Dinner @ Morgan Field Pavilion

Had our dinner @ Morgan Field Pavilion after the pampering pedicure…

Sis has a craving for pork rib

I had the Hoegarden… buy 1 pint free 1/2 pint

Feel cheated cuz the waiter mentioned buy 1 free 1.. I thought is buy 1 pint free 1 pint… but end up is 1/2 pint only >.<|||

Anyway, we ordered the promotion pork rib…

And a cheesy nachos…

Obviously we cannot finish it >.<||| waste food 😛

But again, this was a great night with no stress of needing to go home early / no small kids making noise / no other things that bug us… it’s just us, and we sisters only *love the moment*

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Pedicure ~ A time to pamper ourselves


Had a pampering session for sis & I…

Shaping of my nails…

Scrub & massage

Colouring of my nails…

Finished good ^^

I bought the voucher @ RM 20/pax… top up for the special version of the OPI colour RM 10… and also additional scrub of RM 5… so total is RM 35.. not cheap at all >.<|| … but well… it’s @ Pavillion… cant be expecting cheaper price right?


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Park Royal Hotel in Bkt Bintang

Had an enjoyable and relax trip with sister… I opt for Park Royal Hotel as we wanted to enjoy the hotel facility… it is a bit expensive than the normal hotel…

Lets see the swimming pool…

Nothing fancy… but it’s cozy enough…

But then… still feel not enough time in the hotel to nua… hahahha…. well.. happy moments ended very very fast… at a blink of eyes…



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Penang heritage half day walk

I love my Penang very much…. the love grew stronger when the current chief minister took over

You can see a lot of good changes in Penang over the past 4 years.

For example the street art around Penang city is to preserve the old buildings + add more colours to that area.. Some were too high on the wall, not easy to take picture of it, especially the old man on the trishaw below, it’s just right beside a busy road. The rest is in smaller lane.

There are negative voices about these street arts… well, since I don’t know much about it, I shall not comment on that.

These street arts are located in various location, which I forgot to print out when I went that day. And it causes me to missed out 3 spots, the kid on a motocycle, the kid with the dinasaurs & the love post… sad  ….  >.<|| There were more of these pictures at Chew Jetty… but I didn’t go there… and never been to there before… probably will make it next trip

Well, in order to take pictures with these nice arts, you got to queue up, especially to the special one. This one is one of them. Unlucky for me, when I reached the place, there were a bunch of people just got there. And they took forever to take the pictures, one-by-one…. so I have to wait under the hot sun 🙁

And the most unbelievable one, is this. The longest queue ever seen for all the street arts.

Few days after I took this shot, the same place got vandalized by some idiots. I will call them idiots because this is such a nice picture that attracted thousands of people to flock into Penang, which will boost the tourism in Penang. They vandalized the picture so what? To stop tourist from coming? If they are from Penang, they are real brainless people that are selfish and only think about themselves. To whoever have done this, I look down on you.

Anyway, lucky for Penangtites, there were 2 art students helped to remove the stains and turned the picture as before. Bravo to them. 🙂

Accidentally passed by this house/temple, the design was very unique so just stopped by for picture.

This is different place from others…. it’s at the Pos Laju there… And please make sure you watch the traffic as the camera man will have to stand in the middle of the road in order to take the complete picture.

The rest of the wire art…

Some at love lane…

It was a hot day….

Do check these street arts when you plan a trip to Penang. They are a great for photo taking~!


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Dinner @ Segafredo with Family

Had a wonderful dinner with family when I went back to PG during Raya weekend. Surprisingly, my nephew been very “sticky” to me over the weekend. Normally he will not follow me much but this time he really wanted to be with me a lot. hahaha… I wonder is it the watch I gave him works the wonder :p

He sat very close to me before dinner being served and sumore said: I want to sit close close to ee … muahahahhaha

Still want to stick to me even food served >.<||

See the watch my sweetheart was holding? That’s the angry bird watch strap watch I bought for him upon request. He just likes to play with it rather than wear it.

Sis & bro-in-law

The food ~ I bought the voucher online for 4 pax set dinner, which included 4 set of soup + main course. Drinks are additional charges.

Mom got a salmon fish, bro-in-law had some chicken and sis & me we got lamb shank! The soup and food were quite nice. Just that the portion was quite small. Not really worth it if I have to pay full amount w/o the voucher.

I didn’t know Segafredo moved to the back of Gurney Plaza. Still blur blur walked till Starbucks there. Then shocked that the shop wasn’t there anymore. So I called to the shop and asked for the location.

But anyway, it was always fun to have dinner with my family.

Love my sweetheart. He made my day *love*

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Heading KL from Belum Rainforest

Final post on Belum… it is just to show you the wide road with a lot of trees by the road side… and the highway is totally different from North-South highway … it was very quiet and calm… not much of cars on the road…

It is really great to travel on a quiet road and seeing all the outskirt’s view which we city people can hardly see… can’t even see much of the green in Singapore…

Anyway, it took us 5hours plus to reach KL from Belum… Although it was a tiring drive, but it was a memorable trip… at least I know I won’t be going back Belum anytime soon! haha ^.^

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