I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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V Hotel Lavender Singapore

Sis has a transit flight at Changi Singapore before she fly back to Arab… well… sort of dropped by to accompany me… heheh….

I found her this hotel at Lavender ~ V Hotel cuz they are one of the cheapest and convenient for us to go to Changi…

The review online was quite good… and it was only $150/night … consider quite cheap for a Singapore hotel.. normally those cheap ones are like Hotel 81, etc.

The room was pretty impressive and the bed was really comfortable.. we really enjoyed ourselves with a small bottle of wine before hit the bed…

However, the best part of the night ~> sis & I were awake middle of the night by the customers of the hotel… there wasn’t sound proof in the room at all!! OMG! We were both awaken by the noisy sound twice… middle of the night & also early morning when people going for breakfast >.<

So not going to recommend you all to pay them a visit… the service given by their staff was not good as well.. no smile on their faces.. it’s like everyone is owing them money >.<

Last but not least… it was really a great day out with sister after missing her for so long… 🙂 Although both the hotel & buffet dinner at Shangri-la were a big disappointment, but at least I gets to hang out with sister and enjoyed our 1day together 🙂

I’m truly blessed to have her 😀

October 30, 2011   1 Comment

Haw Par Villa @ Singapore

** I have the wrong spelling for Haw “Par” villa on my watermarks in all pictures and I’m just lazy to redo it… so… just ignore the wrong spelling on the watermarks :p

Haw Par Villa reopened in Singapore. So while sis & family visit to Singapore on early Sept, she wanted to go there for a walk.

I haven’t been to this place for years. The last time I’m here was at least 20years ago, while dad still around.

Of all the memories in mind, I think everything still same. And the entrance still free!

The place wasn’t that big… you can just finish walking in 30min -> including taking pictures…

They have this hell section which Darren is not allow to enter cuz he’s too young for that… and according to Chinese belief, this kinda places normal have a lot of the “spirit” which is bad for children. 

I don’t like to enter places like this -> designed like Hell as well cuz it caused fear…. I once went to Gula, Taiping when I was 10 and the Hell there was so disturbing and it caused nightmare for me =.=

The sad thing about this reopened Haw Paw Villa was that, the statues all were not well-maintain.

The paint on the statues were all worn out. The people who open this place up didn’t even repaint it so that they could attract more visitors.

Some of the history about Haw Par Villa I got while googling the official Haw Par Villa website… Haw Par Villa also known as Tiger Balm Garden, was built by Haw & Par brothers (Aw Boon Haw & Aw Boon Par). It was built on a hill in Pasir Panjang surrounded by unique gardens depicting Chinese mythology for the younger, quieter Boon Par in 1937.

Tiger Balm Gardens was later donated to the Singapore government by the Aw family, put on public tender for re-building as a theme park under the name Haw Par Villa. This theme park is no longer associated with the Haw Par group.

Ok.. end for history and serious stuff… time for personal stuff…

Darren was getting bigger over the few months and with a spec… he’s not even 5yrs old =.= follow the mom’s gen .. bad bad bad

And when I asked him to take pic with me.. he ignored me >.< so I grabbed him to me and this was the ignorance face he shown me >.<

It’s been years since mom’s last visited SG…. and it was really great to have her with me.. missed her so much…

In case you are wondering, where is my sis… sorry ya.. don’t have her pic on my camera.. hahaha… all were on her camera and I have yet to copy d pics from her! ishhh!

October 22, 2011   No Comments

Artichoke for Brunch

Went to Artichoke for brunch with Erin on our meet up last month… pic taken while I’m waiting for her 🙂

Wanted to go “Food for Thought” but their kitchen were closed for preparation of catering… awww… so we went for our alternative lunch….

Erm… I literally forgot what the name of the we ordered… just remembered this is something to do with the mushroom… ordered by Erin..

And I went for their lamb xxx.. hahah.. forgot d name :p

Anyway… food was quite good… well.. cant really compare with Wild Honey… but… I still prefer wild honey.. thou the price at wild honey is more or less the same…

Lastly… we went for a drink at this coffee place… aiks… forgot the name as well… I have a bad headache that night after drinking this cafe latte… and couldn’t have a good sleep =.= so… I definitely cannot take coffee after 12pm =.=|||

August 21, 2011   3 Comments

Brunch @ Wild Honey Mandarin Gallery

Heard from my colleague that the brunch @ Wild Honey very very nice… so I jio my girlfriend to go with me… don’t worry… they provide all day long brunch.. hahaha….

The bad thing… you cannot make reservation in advance… you have to be there to put your name and come back in an hour time to check out for your turn…

And… after you have your seats… you have to go to the counter to check out the full menu in Ipad! and make your order at the counter… food will be served to you later…

As I googled for the best brunch recommendation in Wild Honey, most people recommended the English breakfast, European breakfast & Tunisian breakfast… so we ordered English and Tunisian breakfast for a try….

And of course a Latte to go with the brunch….

The food was super filling … portion is very big… when you see it you won feel it… but when you see the English breakfast it does gave me very filling ei feeling already… but… the food was really nice.. best brunch I ever had in Singapore… Oriole can’t even compare with them… but… price wise… it’s the most expensive breakfast I every had in my life! hahaa…. however, it’s worth it lor.. cuz really nice… worth to try it~!

Do check them out!

#03-03, Mandarin Gallery,
Orchard Road, Singapore
Tel: +65-6235-3900

Open from 9am -10.30pm
Satur & Sun: 8am -10.30pm (Tips: To avoid the long queue, please go earlier… normal wait is 1hour after ur name was given…)

June 22, 2011   4 Comments

Mexican Food again @ Iguana Clark Quay!

Ok… both girl friend and I were craving for mexican food… and to our conclusion, the best mexican food we tried before was Cafe Iguana @ Clark Quay

Again… definitely a big no no to Muchos Clark Quay!

So we were there for our dinner on a Friday night!

Chips with the tortillas sauce.. best of all cuz it’s free and you can ask for free refill!!

We ordered Burritos with chicken strips fillings in it…. and when we saw the dish… we knew we couldn’t finish it already… the portion was huge man!

We also ordered nachos with some fillings: mushroom, vege, beans rice…. so.. it was super filling for us as well…

The food super nice and really worth it lor… price is quite reasonable and the waitress all very friendly… no wonder they are always full house…

Looks yummy right? This is definitely another food place I’m going to visit again~!

June 15, 2011   1 Comment

Late Lunch @ Soup Restaurant

Suddenly crave for hot soup… those clear soup type…. so I went to Soup Restaurant for my lunch… or I should say is tea time? hahha…This place is always full of people during lunch / dinner time… but luckily when I went there weren’t much customer… aiya… who will take their lunch during 4pm ler? 😛

I didn’t bring my camera along.. so just use my phone camera took the pictures… but luckily there is this thing call photoshop… haha…. at least can sharpen the colour … 🙂

Since I’m craving for soup… definitely need to order soup rite.. and as expected.. the soup will be small size…but it was really nice… the taste of traditional chinese herbs is just nice … not too watery or too thick… niceee…. yummy…

Soup definitely has to come with rice… so I ordered their famous Steam chicken ginger rice… the ginger came with on a side plate… and they even sell this in bottle… forgot the price d… hehee…

The steam rice quite nice as well… smells nice after added in the ginger…. yum yum….

Last but not least, I also ordered their famous fried potato leaves with chili….. erm.. not spicy ei…. I think this dish is not special at all… and it was the most expensive of all 3 dishes -> $8.50 =.=

Lesson learnt: Don’t order side dish like this… not worth it at all…

Overall… food is nice here.. service also good (cuz no other customer).. hahaha…. but a bit pricey and the portion quite small…  🙂


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Weekend Escapade to Pulau Ubin

Yay~! Just a short getaway from the crowded city…. I went to Pulau Ubin with girl friend few weeks back…

Journey started at 9am…..

The jetty to Pulau Ubin is located at Changi Village… pretty near to Changi airport… and the boat trip cost us $5/each for to and fro boat…. and it is just 10 min boat ride…. very fast ler… hehehe…..

We did search for the information on this island before we step foot on this island… it has only 1 resort in it and the best place to visit will be Chek Jawa.

The first thing you can see when you step you leg onto the island: bicycles!! Lots of it!!!! Cycling is one of the main attraction here as well….

You can actually rent the bicycle for whole day at just $10 depending on what kind of bikes you like… or you can also get a van to fetch u to Chek Jawa @ $20/van (which they normally will tell you today you alone only.. so they not going to wait for other passenger.. you have to pay the $20)

Cycling can be fun… rent the van will be so much easier… and if you go there in a big gang and want to go view things fast… you better take the van…

Then here comes the 2-smart-ass-girls thought they are strong enough to walk all the way to Chek Jawa (40 min walks) decided to make a U-turn and rent themselves the bikes… lol….

And we cycled all the way to Chek Jawa… whereby we have to park our bikes outside the information counter and walk in… still have to walk… do take note that you need to rent the bike locks when you rent your bike .. just in case someone trying to steal your bike away… which is going to cost you more if it really lost… hehehe… we got this pointers online as well!

At Chek Jawa, you can go to the mangroves route or the coastel hill or the broadwalk or the viewing jetty…. we went for the broadwalk which were our main reason to be there…


It was high tide that time… so we see no corals, starfish, or whatever attractions on the broadwalk…so sad… 🙁 Just snapped a few pictures then headed back to mainland cuz the weather was freaking hot that day!

However, happy me gets to take such nice pictures that day with my baby camera.. it’s really worth to bring her along… thou she’s big.. but when I saw the pictures… *sigh* ~ lucky I brought her along… hehe… I love these 5 pictures the most~!

It feels like I’m in Maldives (though I have never been there.. but it gave me that kinda feelings 😛 ) … yaya.. I know Maldives sure nicer la… who doesn’t know ler?

A nice little hut for us to rest and the beautiful clouds… felt so relax….

A warning pole overlooking the mainland….

And last but not least, a mining-lake (that’s according to girlfriend.. she said this is not a natural-made lake but is a man-made lake and this is mining-lake wor….) I love this pic as well!! Nice right? 🙂

Back to Mainland whole bodyache for over exercise 😛

It was fun thou…. quite worth it for the cycling part… cuz you can rent bicycles @ East coast park but the rate is so much higher at $10/hour… this is $10/day ler… super worth it lor…. hehe….

So… when is your turn there?

June 10, 2011   2 Comments

White Dog Cafe @ Vivo

My ex colleague & his gf paid me a visit on the weekend of Labour day… as I wouldn’t be around, I met him up for dinner on a Thursday night…

Honestly… I don’t know what’s nice in Vivo… erm.. with a reasonable price is hard to find lor… then I saw this White Dog Cafe has combo promo… thought it will be like Modesto’s so dai… so we have a try over here ….


Turned out the combo cost us $60…. bt the portion very small lor… super bo tat… not really filling…

Ended up I brought them to try gong cha… wahahah…..

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