I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Eat All I Can Day

I was craving for dumplings for few days… so I just went to Ding Tai Feng @ Jurong Point for my lunch on one of the weekend….

I would like to have some other food… so I just got this xiao long bao…. and also the hot & spicy soup… and also a cold red dates longan

Turned out the xiao long bao not nice at all.. the hot & spicy soup not spicy oso >.<

Next I went to Thai Express as I was craving for their mango salad…. and I also ordered seafood tom yam on the go…

Their mango salad definitely worth the $… but not for the tom yam … heheh…

So today was a eat n grow fat day ūüėõ

May 22, 2011   2 Comments

Muchos Mexican Food @ Clark Quay

Craving for Mexican food… and since girlfriend and I tried Cafe Iguana @ Clark Quay before… so we decided to go for Muchos which is also in Clark Quay…

We thought the food portion is gona be big… so we ordered all for sharing…

Nachos with Salsa… famous snack in Mexican food….

Then we went for some pita bread or duno what they called that… portion super small la =.=

The main course we went for grilled chicken + vege…. also very small portion >.<

To make things worse… they do not allow us to top up d sauces =.= wtf… super cheapskate lor…

Food actually not bad… just the portion too small…. and service not that good…

Last but not least… a scope of ice-cream for dessert!

May 17, 2011   4 Comments

Dinner @ Paradise Inn Terminal 2 Singapore Airport

Okie.. totally old post again‚Ķ Feb was a happening month for me‚Ķ and almost all about food.. lol…

Had a late night flight back Penang…. And I don’t want to rush to Changi like the last time.. so I decided to have my dinner there…

Met up with friend after her work there..

Erin gave us a suggestion that we can go for our dinner at this Paradise Inn at Terminal 2… she said the food quite nice….

For drinks I went for flower tea… and friend went for ice milk tea….

As for sharing…. We ordered a lap cheong fried rice

Sai yeong choi soup

Fried asparagus

The food quite nice‚Ķ especially the soup really tasted really nice‚Ķ but as usual‚Ķ it‚Äôs a bit pricy la‚Ķ after convert ūüėõ Even before convert it‚Äôs like SGD 25/pax =.=|||

April 16, 2011   3 Comments

Saybons @ Plaza Singapura

Feb old post‚Ķ it’s all about food again~!

Erin suggested this crepes place…  she said the crepes thr quite nice… and the soup also quite nice as well…

So we went…

The crepes is not the crispy type… it’s soft type… Erin ordered wild mushroom +  cheese… and I ordered Avocado, tomatoes & bacon

Taste is not bad… but the soup a bit watery…. I prefer the thicker type… hehehe….

April 15, 2011   No Comments

Modesto’s @ Vivo City SG

Old post on Feb ūüėõ Continue from the last post: Skyride @ Sentosa SG

We were choosing which restaurant to have our dinner… thought wana go for chinese food.. bt the queue was quite long…

Then we saw there was a combo set in Modesto’s… and it’s quite worth if compare to ala carte…

Clever us… never thought that we couldn’t really finish it…. Just ordered =.=|||

The appetizer we went for ceaser salad with cheese

They even free us bread =.=|||

Main dish got 2… 1. We went for Shrimp pizza

2. Carbonara spaghetti

Dessert we opted pudding… looks very small but by then we already super full

We can’t even finish the pizza and have to tapao it back….

April 10, 2011   2 Comments

Skyride @ Sentosa

Continue back my blog post…¬† this was done back in Feb 2011 again… hahah… sorry for the slow updates ya…

I got nothing to do over the weekend ‚Ķ so went to Sentosa via broadway‚Ķ just need to pay $1‚Ķ and we walk from Vivo city to Sentosa~! So much cheaper ūüôā

Since I don‚Äôt want to waste $$$ in Universal Studio‚Ķ I just walk walk around Sentosa‚Ķ didn’t engage in any of the entries available… cuz almost all quite ex… hahah…

We saw this Skyride… and thought of taking it cuz I doubt we will be going there again… even if we are still going there… we won’t be taking tat… hahahhaa….

It costs $12/each‚Ķ for a round trip.. it’s ex isn’t it?¬† =.=|||

Well‚Ķ. Nothing much to see up the hill‚Ķ. Just some food places, butterfly farm, observation tower ( all need to pay for the entrance‚Ķ.well.. nothing is free in SG~!),¬† gift shop….

After came down from Skyride… we went to have our dinner at Modesto‚Äôs Vivo City

April 9, 2011   2 Comments

Max Brenner @ Vivo City SG

Thought of trying Max Brenner out in SG cuz I misses it so much….

Since I have tried their
soukao & waffle in AUS…. I’m gona go for Hug Mug… but the chocolate drink wasn’t hot enough… not very nice / special…

And friend ordered their don’t-know-what-ice-chocolate drinks… we sat there for our evening talks…

April 5, 2011   3 Comments

Oriole Coffee @ Sommerset

This was a last post… which I happened to be in SG on Feb ūüôā

Erin suggested to have brunch at this place ~ Oriole Coffee… she said they have the signature coffee which is very famous one… erm… I’m not much of coffee lover if you know me… so I didn’t order the coffee…

She went for pancakes cuz she loves pancakes….

An I got myself a Mexican breakfast with spicy sausage… this one really niceee….

Although it’s a bit pricey… but it was quite delicious…. gona go there again when I’m in SG~!

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April 3, 2011   5 Comments