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Lim Guan Eng VS Chua Soi Lek Debate on 18Feb12


Image: alantanblog.com

As I’m not in Malaysia now, I can only watch the full debate today after people uploaded it on Youtube.

If you know me well, I don’t blog about politics. Ya, I’m very kiasi or you can say me chicken. This is because of the conservative government & laws that I have to abide with.  Sad to say, even till today, 2012, the government still cannot accept open critics by it’s people.

My blog today, is that, I’m really impressed with how Lim Guan Eng debated yesterday. Seeing all the MCA/BN supporters in the video clip, it is really funny that how people can still be so naive. MCA has been part of the government for so many years. How can you compare Lim Guan Eng’s government of Penang to the whole Malaysia?

If a foreigner is not familiar with Malaysia politics, it’s understandable. However, if you are a Malaysian and yet you choose to support the wrong party, then that is how you choose your child’s future to be. 

To be honest, I’m so glad that I’m from Penang. Ok la, I’m not born in Penang but I have been staying there for 20years. So I can say that I’m a Penangties. And I’m never been so proud to admit that I’m a Penangties after March 2008.

People has been questioning LGE how he can help in our education, how he can gives people more $, how he can confirmed that after PKR/DAP/PAS be the government, they will not change Malaysia to be an Islamic country, etc.

I really wonder, why people can only question LGE these when he has no control over our education system because he is not of the Federal Government!!!!

Why people has been blinded by what LGE has done for Penang and why no one question to the Government what has our government done for us after 56years of  independence?

If really want to see the difference what LGE has done for Penang, below are some of the changes that I knew of:

1. From being in huge dept (which it shouldn’t be), Penang has been earning $ since LGE be our chief minister.

2. Penang has been the first state to have open tender system that allow non-bumiputra (chinese especially) contractors to get government contract. In the past, contracts were usually reserved for bumiputra.

3. LGE  has attracted overseas companies to invest in Penang and increased Penang’s revenue.

4. A transparent system to declare all the spending and earning of Penang government which has never been done in Malaysia before.

5. The town area of Penang has been “declared” to be Heritage of Penang, which is a protected area of Penang to preserve Penang’s historical houses and roads and shops. It was really nice to see all those old houses been transformed to be a hotel/restaurant but yet still preserve the historic value of them. I love to hang out around there now as to appreciate Penang better. 🙂

Well, the list goes on and on. I can see and always believed that it only took LGE 4years to change Penang to be a place good to live in. What about 5years later? It will be a better improvement definitely.

I don’t know about you, but, this is the Penang I know and truly respect the leader – Lim Guan Eng for transforming it to be such a wonderful place to be in.

Talk to your friends/older generations that are aware of what’s happening. You will be impressed that many actually very happy with the work done.

If given a choice, no one will want to leave their home and work in a foreign land.

Be a wise person and select the right future for your children. ^.^

February 19, 2012   1 Comment

Americans love their TVs

I found this post is very very interesting.. so I decided to share it out…lol…

Quote from Perez Hilton’s blog:

As of 2009, each household now averages 2.86 TV sets, and with almost 115 million homes with TVs, that’s almost 330 million TVs!

According to the Nielsen study, there’s only an estimated 307 million people living in the US.

So where are the extra TVs going?

And the number keeps growing. In fact, the average number of TV sets in a household went up by 18% from 2000 and up 43% since 1990.

According to one analyst, “TV sets are, on an inflation-adjusted basis, becoming cheaper and cheaper [to buy]. If somebody looked at what the cost of an average TV was in the 1960s and looked at the inflation-adjusted cost of an average TV today, it’s a quarter of the real cost.”

– End of quote-

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July 24, 2009   5 Comments

RM 1 Million worth boy

Have you heard of this news? RM 1 million worth of boy!!!

Heard this on my way to work this morning… and search for more details about it… found it in “70-year-old man behind boy’s RM1m kidnapping

I heard from flyfm DJs – Nadia and Ben, that this boy was kidnapped by someone.. the person just took him away from his mom…. then called the parents for RM 1million ransom… the parents paid the ransom… and the kidnappers released the boy… but police got some inside news about the kidnappers and they captured total of 14 people for the investigation…

>> One of the suspect Paremsvaran Ramu is still on the run… Police is looking for him to assist them in the investigation….

Wow! I can’t believe it…. 7o year old man is the mastermind of this kidnapping… geng…. RM 1 million… divide 15 people… 1 person got around RM 66.7k… faint …. can give me a? lol…..

It seems that people nowadays can do anything for money…. what about you? will you do something illegal just to get the money for your living?

For me……I don’t know… maybe I haven’t reach the situation that I will do something stupid in order to get money… I think I’m blessed with this… and I don’t want to have such things happen to me as well…

But if I’m forced to do something unwillingly… I will say…. I will choose to sell my blood/organ… hahaha…. or maybe my hair? 😛 I don’t know…. I just don’t think it is right to so something illegal… haha… maybe selling blood and organ are illegal? 😛

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April 24, 2009   8 Comments