I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Happy Chinese New Year

How did u guys celebrate cny?

I didn’t do much. Almost everyday stay at home watch movies n HK series. Lol….

Many already back to work… I still got 2 days to slack then need to back to reality already…

How about you all? Did you enjoy your holidays?

January 27, 2012   2 Comments

Let’s welcome 2012 ~ A brand new year!

Happy 2012!

How do you feel after 6days of the brand new year?

Have your set your new year resolutions already?

I have set mine!

My 2012 new year resolution:

1. Find my own identity and purpose in life

 2. Embrace myself with new work load and responsibility

3. Spend more quality time with family and loved ones

Seems simple and short.. but, it’s is not something easy to achieve… Therefore I set this as my 2012 resolution ^^

What’s yours?

Wish you all have a good year ahead!

January 7, 2012   2 Comments

So far yet so close

Image source: www.real-estate-marketing-link.info

Have you ever wonder after all the hard work you have done yet you still didn’t get what you want?

Have you ever wonder there are so many things that you want to achieve yet so hard to reach them?

Have you ever think that you have worked so hard yet still couldn’t see the return?

I have not update my blog for quite sometime as I have been very busy over this period of time.

And… it leads me into thinking, thinking whether all my hard work all this while is it worth it or not.

Too many things happened in such a short time. Too many things for me to cope, too many thoughts for me to digest, too many experience to learn from.


Is it wrong to feel insecure? Is it wrong to be scared? Is it wrong to ask for a confirmation?

Can I really cope with my life? Can I deal with it?

I hope & I wish I can….

November 20, 2011   No Comments

Gifts for me~!

Sorry ya.. this was meant to be a shiok sendiri post cuz I haven’t edit my photos yet!!! So many trips to blog… haizzz…..

My gifts are finally here~!

Birthday present from Sis.. asked Sherine’s sister-in-law to get it in Fossil US which is so much cheaper compare to SG…

And also asked Sher got this for me on her recent trip to Europe.. heheh…. nice right? Very unique design compare to the normal Long Champ design…

Souvenir from sis’s recent trip to Italy… hehehe…

Sis got this extra for me as well…. she got it from Italy’s outlet and it was super worth it… so… I got my first and only Gucci handbag d.. yay!

Some food sis got back from Arab and Turkey 🙂

Apple tea sis got from Turkey…. really nice… Turkey signature tea… hahhaa…

Rome! Like this very much!

Jewellery made from Murano Glass… sis said this is one the local famous souvenir in Venice…

Earrings, keychain, perfume oil and also scafts … all are the souvenirs sis got it for me on her recent trip to Turkey & Italy & Arab ..

Haiz… really make me so gian wana go Italy, Venice, Turkey!!!

October 12, 2011   2 Comments

It’s all about food in KL – 2

Continue my food search in KL…

Next stop – Haagen Dazs @ Midvalley

It’s been so long since I last had my favorite ice-cream Haagen Dazs!!! Omg! So niceeeeee so yummyyyy…. love it to the max!

Sixth stop – Goku Raku Ramen for dinner

Saw this shop and it’s newly open… well.. at least just few months ago if I’m not wrong… and since we don’t know what to eat and friend has craving for ramen, so we went there for dinner….

They have this super worth it promo when we were there.. it was a buy 1 free 1 promo.. and only valid on every Monday till end of Sept…

So… with my friend tam chiak face, he ordered 2 bowls of ramen for himself cuz he said it’s super worth it ma.. =.=

I have one serving is more than enough already .. don’t want to grow anymore fatter :p

Seventh stop – Supper at mamak stall


I was craving for fried chicken wing and roti canai on the last night… suppose wanted to out for a drink but since I have this craving, we might as well go for supper instead!

My fried chicken wing and roti canai! yum yum…

Friend opted for tandoori chicken set…

The bill turned out to be quite ex as well… omg…. miss Penang food so much since they were way much cheaper and nicer!

Last meal in KL….. breakfast at Papa Rich

Egg, milk tea and toast for me!

Food just normal in Papa Rich.. but the price was double than the normal hawker centre… well… this is the price you have to pay for eating in a franchise outlet with aircon in them LP

There goes my food blog on KL trip…. phew… so much about food… well… I didn’t shop much in KL… not with the right shopping mate… hahha… but I do enjoy this trip very much… at least it was fruitful 😀

October 10, 2011   No Comments

Ice-cream from around the world

When we visit a country, almost every tourist at some point or another will experience the country’s ice-cream. There are so many variations of ice cream worldwide, from Devonshire clotted cream in the UK, gelato from Italy and Kulfi from India. Each country adopts their own method to churning the cream, the ingredients used and the way it is served.

It is also easy to make your very own ice cream. So between games of partypoker or during a quick break, why not look up some recipes and try making some exotic ice creams or sorbets. Doing this dessert yourself allows you to make it to your taste, whether it is full of cream and chocolate or a healthier ice and fruit sorbet. Here are just some of the worldly ice creams you can expect to find on your travels.

Indian kulfu is probably one of the healthier options of ice cream. Most ice creams are rich, creamy and full of fat, where as Kulfi is a milk based dessert, providing high levels of calcium. Typical flavours of Kulfi are coconut, rosewater and pistachio. It is a refreshing and light dessert, perfect for hot days in India.

Gelato, as it is known in Italy, is a creamy ice cream, with less fat than regular ice creams. Gelato is made from whole milk, sugar and natural flavourings. It was traditionally served in a small glass dish called a penny lick.

Japan on the other hand, has some very strange flavours when it comes to ice cream. A survey revealed that one in five adults would regularly eat ice cream, and the top flavours included matcha (powdered green tea) and azuki (red bean flavour).

The UK and the USA are certainly the biggest fans of ice cream, with the average American consuming 13 litres of the dessert per year. Vanilla is far from being the favourite flavour, ever since new and exciting tastes came into the market. The use of toppings is also becoming more popular – many ice cream lovers top their dessert with chocolate sprinkles, marshmallows and sauces.

September 24, 2011   No Comments

Red dragonfly in the middle of a city

Caught this red dragonfly when I were in KL d other day… it just stopped on my friend’s car. And look at it, so colourful, so surpised to be caught in the middle of a busy city. Photo taken by my friend since he’s standing outside the car.

I was inside the car and I dare not move the car door too much. So in a unprepared situation, I just took out my camera and shoot this from the inside. I love this picture very much. So natural, so close up!

After a few seconds, it just flew away.

Felt so nice to see such a lovely creature in a busy city. Sometime we might have already forgotten how nature is like when we are living in a city.

Live is about appreciating what you have, right?

September 20, 2011   No Comments

Met Up with Felissa @ TCC

It’s been years since I last meet Felissa… she’s like a big sis to me…

After been in SG for few months.. finally get to meet up with her… lol… scheduled at Bugis Junction….

I arrived earlier as scheduled… so… camwhore 1st :p By the way, I just done with my hair colouring… and it’s not obvious at all 🙂

We had pasta at Pastamania… then headed to TCC cafe for coffee…and some dessert….

The cake looked very nice… so we ordered it to share… but… ended up it’s not fresh at all.. and very hard .. money wasted >.<

We talked the whole afternoon… lol….so many things to talk…

Last but not least.. our pic together 🙂

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September 12, 2011   No Comments