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Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

For those who know me well enough, you will know how much I would prefer to be in a cold country rather than a hot oven place, especially when I have hot weather all year round. Well, people that stays in 4 seasons country would love the equator weather. And people stays in the equator, would prefer a cooler weather. 

Therefore, when I plan on my travel location, weather makes a huge difference in my pick. 

Traveling to any places during Summer is a NO NO to me. I don’t like the sweaty feelings and sunburn. @@ 

snowy winter

Winter – As much as I like cooling weather, I hate winter. I hate that I have to wear layers of clothes and still feel cold. Shopping is not fun during Winter. Imagine I have to take off 5 layers of clothes, tried on the clothes then realized the size doesn’t fit. Then I have to put on something and get everything out of the fitting room, get the other size, put them on, then to realize they are not nice on me. I’m saying if my friends/family weren’t with me when I try my clothes. 

Oh, trying on shoe is also a hassle. I have to take off the boots and thick socks. 

All these, will take me 5-10 minutes to take them off, 5-10 minutes to put them on. I will tell myself not to buy. It will be so much easier. lol. 

Mid Spring and Autumn – I love them both. Love the chilling wind. Been to Melbourne during Spring, love it! Been to HK and Europe during Autumn, wet weather but still acceptable. Prefer late Autumn, early Winter though. Been to Europe during Autumn, love them to the max! It’s cold, but not as cold as snowy Winter. Just a bit wet at certain days. Still love the chilling weather. 

spring blooms

I will want to plan my next trip during spring. Hoping to see the beautiful flowers!  


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