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My holiday post #7: Adelaide day 2

My holiday post has been dragged for too long already… felt kind of bored already… hehe.. I have been dragging it for 2 months since I’m back from Australia.. so have to publish it asap… got more posts coming up

Back to my stay in Adelaide:

1. Stayed at Sean’s house which include Dancy and Angelynn. They have one amazing house. (Actually they just moved in there 2 weeks before our visit… lol)

Sean's house @ Adelaide

>> Their guest room was just perfect. Soft pillow, nice bed and carpet.. so cold at night but with the comfortable blanket we totally forgot about the cold ^^

2. Ate bread on-the-way to Penfolds vinery. Just to save time cuz we needed to take around 1 hour drive there

Bread -Breakfast @ Adelaide 2Penfolds @ Adelaide 3

>> We didnt go for wine tasting cuz i) need to pay ii) we don’t know how to taste… lol… not a wine person.. just bought 1 bottle of Penfold’s famous red wine for Sweet Stephanie πŸ˜€

3. Cleland Wildlife Park! The park nearest along our route of the day. We wanted to go there take pictures with Koala, Wombat and Kangaroo! Close-up and not those in cage. It was really fun. And Missy and I really appreciate the company of Angelynn… she’s been there for don’t know how many times… thanks ya πŸ˜€ Entrance $16 each

Me @ Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide 4

>> The Koala was soooooooo cute. The fur so soft! Love it! Btw, Koala is not a type of bear. It is in fact a type ofΒ  marsupial. Kangaroo is also in the same family.. cute. So DON’T SAY YOU LIKE KOALA BEAR ALREADY. IT IS ONLY KOALA. NO BEAR πŸ˜›

Cleland Windlife Park @ Adelaide 5

>> This wildlife park dont allow us hold the wombat, and we only got to see them sleeping >.<

Cleland Wildlife Park @ Adelaide 7

>> Kangaroos there were damn lazy. Didn’t even want to hop to us >.< but their fur was really soft . Niceeeee… I even wanted to buy their skin back to Malaysia.. but kinda expensive. Missy didn’t allow me to buy πŸ˜› (Blame it on her… lol) Wait my next trip I sure will buy πŸ˜›

Cleland Wildlife Park @ Adelaide 7

>> Finally got to see Koala, Kangaroo, Wombat, Dingo, some mice… yipee!

4. Head to Handof – a German design’s town for our lunch.. which is 3pm >.<

Handorf @ Adelaide 8
Lunch in one German restaurant @ Handorf Adelaide 9

>> Robin, Sean, Dancy met us in a restaurant. German food is famous for it’s sausage. But I can’t order it cuz most of them were mixed with beef .. I can’t take beef πŸ™Β  They ordered platter that was shared among Angelynn and the rest… lol…

Platter @ Adelaide 10Chicken @ Handorf Adelaide 11Missy & I @ Adelaide 12Handorf @ Adelaide 13

>> Missy and I shared the chicken

5. Went to Mount Loufty for sunset view. Quite nice and calm there πŸ™‚ A breathtaking scnery

Mount Loufty @ Adelaide 14Mount Loufty @ Adelaide 15Me at Mount Loufty @ Adelaide 16Mount Loufty @ Adelaide 17Mount Loufty @ Adelaide 18Mount Loufty @ Adelaide 19

6. Dinner @ Vietname food restaurant… niceeeee

Vietnamese @ Adelaide 20Vietnamese @ Adelaide 21

>> I had “Chicken Pork & Prawn dry noodle & Missy got fresh beef noodle.Β  The portion was not very big… so we ordered a separate share.

Vietnamese @ Adelaide 22Vietnamese @ Adelaide 23Vietnamese @ Adelaide 24

Finally it was time for us go back to Perth… flying off from Adelaide International Airport to Perth Domestic Airport.. sad.. very sad… such a short time in Adelaide… *cry*

Anyway, thanks to Angelynn, Dancy, Sean, Robin and Vivien, we had a very great time in Adelaide and we do love to go back there again next time. Miss you guys lotsssss πŸ™‚

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My holiday post #7: Adelaide here I come!

After so long I’m still stucked in my AUS post.. sorry la.. damn busy you know? I still got so many things to blog about.. but pending cuz no time P.S (photoshop) all the pictures.. Don’t want to upload too many pictures so IΒ  have to combine them into 1… that needs time.. lots of itΒ  πŸ˜› Please click for a bigger and clearer view for all my P.S pictures ya…

Woke up early and went to Swanston St to buy souvenir for mom… then bought Chicken Parma sandwich for our breakfast. It tasted really nice. No picture for it cuz we ate it when we walked to Southen Cross Station. No extra hand to take out my camera for picture. lol…

Pei San accompanied us to Southern Cross Station for we were departing to Adelaide via Melbourne Airport.. So long our Melbourne holiday… so sad to leave Melbourne cuz I really love Melbourne.Β  πŸ™

Since we were taking budget airlines – Tiger Airways… so we have to check-in via their budget terminal T4 @ Melbourne International Airport… the terminal was really small… hmm… while waiting.. I saw a few people got some “eggs” of spongebob. Norrr the “eggs” where you put $1/$2 coins in the vending machine and will come out some keychain/handphone charms…

Spongebob is one of my favourite cartoon characters.. so I went to try my luck… used up $2 coin… but just got Patrick… so I asked Missy to try out hers. Turned out she gotΒ  a spongebob design.. >.< so bad luck for me

Spongebob handphone charms

Reached Adelaide airport was 1pm their local times.. Adelaide was 1.5 hours ahead of Malaysia during that time. Cute Angelynn, Kind Dancy and Great Sean were waiting for us already in her Honda Jazz. They fetched us to a furniture shop as they wanted to get a new furniture for their new house.

Then we went for our lunch – Dim Sum in Adelaide town:

Dim Sum @ Adelaide

After lunch.. it was drizzling already. Cute Angelynn drove us around Adelaide city for a close up look. Adelaide city was really a small town. 1 round less than 30 min drive. lol…

We stopped by Rundle street for a few hours of window shopping. Some city views:

Adelaide City 2Adelaide city 3Adelaide city 4Adelaide city 5

We walked to Rundle Mall, South Australia Museum, University of Adelaide, etc. Can see lots of church along the way. When we were entering SA Museum, the guard told us we left 10 minutes for the visits. LOL.. we finished touring the Museum in less than 5 minutes. Lol… very empty there… luckily it was free-of-charge aka FOC.

SY & 1 @ Adelaide 6

>> Outside Rundle Mall there was a few cute piglets. Damn cute ler. And they are alright to put it on the street. Cool man!

Love this plant very much:

Plant @ Adelaide city 7

Next we drove to Gleneg Beach, where we met funny Robin + Vivien.. Robin is a friend of Angelynn, Dancy and Sean. And Vivien is Robin’s younger sister. So naturally they hang out together πŸ™‚

It was really windy and cold @ Gleneg beach. We were all frozen. Missy said Gleneg Beach was nicer than St Kilda Beach @ Melbourne. Lol…probably when we went to St Kilda the weather was too hot. Don’t like it as well .. but the angmo loved it.. >.<

Gleneg @ Adelaide 8SY & I @ Gleneg - Adelaide 9

>> Look at Missy’s hair… too windy till the hair was so messy.. lol..

SY @ Gleneg - Adelaide 10Me @ Gleneg - Adelaide 11SY & I @ Gleneg - Adelaide 12Angelynn, SY, Dancy @ Gleneg - Adelaide 13All girls @ Gleneg - Adelaide 14

Angelynn and Dancy were freezing there. They just wore a thin clothes cuz the weather was fine in the morning. They didn’t expect a sudden change in the weather. lol…

Dinner time @ a Greek restaurant. Pardon my pictures here cuz I didn’t use the correct mode. It was in shutter mode when I snapped it… When I realized, it was too late πŸ™

Lemon Lime Bitter @ Adelaide 15Lamb greek dinner @ Adelaide 16

>> The dinner was great. Missy and I shared our meal as usual as it was way too big portion for us. I really salute the rest for finishing their dinner by themselves. >.< Big salute to Angelynn, Vivien and Dancy…Β  πŸ˜€ Anyway, we found the lemon lime bitters drink (same bottle, same design) in Cold Storage Ikano Power Centre KL … but can’t see it in Cold Storage Gurney Penang >.< It tasted more gassy than self-made lemon lime bitters Pei San ordered when we had our dinner at one Itallian shop @ Lygon Street.

Ok.. dinner done. Next destination was Mount Barker. A hill top for Adelaide night view.

Adelaide night view 17

By the time we reached Sean’s house was around 10pm already…stay tuned for his new house pictures.. will be uploaded in my next post. Damn cool house ler…. We sat down @ Sean’s kitchen for cocktail tasting and chit-chatting…

Slept at 2am.. drop-dead-tired again…

Angelynn said we only stopped by Adelaide for 1.5 days… so everything would be very rush for us… sad sad.. stupid Tiger Airways changed our flight la! We were supposed to stay in Adelaide for 2.5 days… *cry* Sorry ya Angelynn & Dancy… will visit you girls again next time πŸ˜€

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Will have more updates soon

Been really busy after my holiday… new responsibility has been assigned to me… not to complain… but I see this as an opportunity to learn more… well… that is good news to me.. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I will update more on my holiday very soon… it was a great holiday for me… I would definitely like to share it out.. there are so much more to share: Great Ocean Road, Queens Victoria Market, Adelaide, Cleland Wildlife park, Gleneg beach, St Kilda beach, AQWA, Harbour Town Factory Outlet, etc….

This coming Saturday got Lantern celebration at bro-in-law’s friend’s house… there will be more pictures to be updated … then another weekend sister come back already… will have more to post again…

Phew… my weekend for this 2 weeks is planned πŸ˜€ so busy.. lol…

Anyway, just stay tuned ya … muaks πŸ˜€

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My holiday post #2: Araluen and King’s Park

Had a nice sleep the night before… woke up at 8am… the one welcomed us is Princess Freda… forgot to thank her for her company this whole trip… she is soooooo cute.. keep moving and can’t sit still… lol…. I didn’t manage to capture her nice shot… the first snap was just nice.. πŸ™‚

Princess Freda

>> She is a highly active Jack Russel doggie… and the gem of Stephanie and Michelle.. ^^

Oh ya! I forgot to post Perth’s City view… stitch it up with a panorama software… I don’t have photoshop ma *shy*

Perth city view

>> Paiseh ya.. the size is quite big… click for full size ya

Ok, back to my day… Stephanie brought us to Perth Chinatown… for a breakfast… the shop opened at 9.30am @_@ so late… we had our first dim sum in Perth πŸ˜€

Dim Sum

Dim sum 1

Salty squid

>> This special dish can be found in all dim sum restaurants in Australia.. we had another one in Adelaide.. will post it up in Adelaide post

Chicken leg

>> Stephanie didn’t like it…she said we were eating other “people’s” feet… lol… but the rest of us (Me, Missy, Michelle, etc)Β  love it *wink*…

Dim sum 3

It was a good day.. nice weather… with the sun… I love Australia’s sky.. the cloud was so nice πŸ™‚


Stephanie drove around 1 hour to reach Araluen… a botanic garden where we can see tulips ^^ niceeee…. thanks mate!

AraluenMe with tulipstulipstulips 2Rivertulips 3Me & MissyMe & Stephanie


>> Stephanie asked me to post like that… she said she loved to take unaware pictures… lol…

Tulips 4Tulips 5

Missy & I

>> It is definitely SPRING! Sakura! wow!No need go to Japan already… but if got chance I still want to go Japan see their cherry blossom *wink*

SakuraMissy & I with the sakuraMissy & I

Inside the souvenir shop:

Me with chimney

>> I like this because it used real wood to burn… cool!

Tried out different shutter speed for the small waterfall in front of the souvenir shop… and the result was amazing

Araluen waterfall

>> I definitely love the 1/10 sec picture best πŸ˜€

More pictures to go:

FlowerSakura 2Flower 2Bell flowerMe & Missy 5

We stopped by a coffee shop for a drink… Stephanie had her cappuccino and I had a chai latte… there was a lot of people in the park as well…

Me @ Araluen coffee shopSetphanie cappucinoStephanie cappucino

Next we headed to King’s Park!

King's park monument

An unaware shot by Stephanie ^^:

Unaware me

Pictures in King’s park:

Me & Missy 6Me & missy 7Missy & I 8

Me lying down

>> The grass is really soft and green. I could smell the scent of freshly cut grass… felt great lying down… *wink* I can bring my books and read here… it would be a calm and enjoying day πŸ™‚

Sky 2

>> See the blue blue sky…so warm… so calm…


The Federation walkway aka Treetop:

Federation walkway aka TreetopFederation walkway aka Treetop

Perth’s view from King’s Park:

View from King's Park
View from King's Park 2
View from King's park 3
>> Pardon my panorama view stitching skills ya… I’m using open source software .. so this is the best result I can get.. lol…do click the pictures for bigger size *smile*

Boab tree – Australia Aborigines’ tree:

Boad tree
>> Australia aborigines believed that by boiling the fruits of this tree, is the cure to gastric… hmm… this tree can be found in Australia’s desert

Phew… a long day…back home have a rest and wait for dinner…. chili mussels here we come!

We went to have Italian food @ Concas:

Concas Concas 2

The food Stephanie ordered:


Chili MusselsChili mussels

>> Chili mussels! Super hot but it tasted really nice.. yummy….Melisa, Michelle and Stephanie said it was too hot for them.. lol…. altho it was hot… but I liked it…see how big it was.. superb!

Beef + potato

Garlic bread

>> Garlic bread + chili mussels sauce are the perfect combination! Yummy….

Our milk shake… very thick.. yummy:

Milk shakes

This was the night we flew to Melbourne… we took a midnight flight… budget budget ma…. so all were midnight flights…

Thanks to the sweet Michelle for fetching us to Perth domestic airport.. she has to wake up at 4am the next day @_@… thanks to the wonderful Stephanie for accompanying us there…

Melbourne here we come!

Tiger airways

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