I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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My decision of a new life

Official updates on a new chapter of my life

For people who knows about me will know that I have made planning for a major changes for months on a totally different leap in my carrier after I back from my Australia trip in 2009… well… just to let you guys know, it is not going to happen.

Yes, I’M NOT MOVING THERE ALREADY! (Which is my initial plan )

I still miss Australia very very much.. miss the weather.. miss the places… miss the country.. miss everything about Australia… I know I will have the chance to go back there again… I’m sure I will make it back there one day πŸ™‚

Probably to some people it is a waste to throw away my dreams… I know.. but I choose to settle down and there will be no regret… erm.. unless I was proven my decision to settle down is a wrong choice.. else I will never regret for making such decision to settle down here…

I’m really sorry to my best friend that I let her down… we made the planning together and we shared the same dream… but cuz of my own selfishness, I have given up everything…

What I really want to see is that she continues with her own dream and planning, even without me. It hurts me so much to see everything was gone in a blink of eyes. It is all my fault. Yet there is no turning back for me anymore… not at all already… I’m so sorry.. πŸ™ Please proceed with your dreams and show me you can really make it.. live your life as excited as you wish it will be.. may God be with you all the time. You will always have my blessing no matter what. Love ya, babe!

To my best friends that really know me well, I thank you for giving such a great mental support to me all this while..whether I decided to move to some stranger country which is a new challenge to me or when I decided to settle down in Penang… You know you meant a lot to me…. I always scared that the incident few years back will break our friendship into pieces.. but it turns out my decision to stay down actually make us closer like before… I’m glad I have you back as the true sisters we used to be.. From the years of knowing you, I know you want nothing but to see me happy…thanks babe, I love you always! πŸ˜€

To my family: mom and sister, I know the decision I have made shocked you both.. but please trust me.. I know what I’m doing… besides, mom always want me to settle down in Penang… unless I can find a job in the country I’m going… Happy ending isn’t it? πŸ˜›

You guys will see the change in me… I might change to a person you don’t know at all… someone who is soooo happy with her life now… sooooo in love!

Ahem… main point is, I’m not going to proceed my oversea dreams… I always wanted to go… but I never know it is so hard till I tried it.. and now I’m not giving up because of the hard work I have gone through.. its just that I have found a reason for me to stay in Penang… A reason that I couldn’t resist… A reason of life that I have made… A happy ending reason as well…

And Thanks to You I found the reason… I never regret the choice I have made to give up my dreams… Besides, I know that I can always travel to different parts of the world with you.. Paris, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Venice, Switzerland, UK, etc..

Yes, I’m with someone now and he is the reason I’m staying…Β  πŸ™‚

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Day before Chinese New Year

Lots to prepare before Chinese New Year as usual… however, this year I need to work half day on Saturday… and since all of us support from home… I requested a different shift from my manager.. lol.. need to rush for last minutes CNY which is….

hair treatment for a shiny and healthy hair before Chinese New Year and also my touch up for nails.. lol..

My hair looks like this now:

My new hair after "I'll Shine" treatmentMy new hair

>> Can’t really see the red colour.. lol…it is actually red base and high-lite… and I don’t feel it is really shinning.. but mom said yes my hair do looks skinnier… ok.. felt better now after spent RM 84 for the “I’ll shine” treatment.. =D

My sexy nails.. mom said too sharp d.. but I like it cuz it is sharp enough.. don’t want the usual soft colour.. lol…

My nail colourCNY Nail colour

>> Well… the cost of my manicure & pedicure is RM 85… touch up for my is FOC! So happy that it is FOC… lol…. =D anyway… my fingers and toes are soooooo dry πŸ™ so just look at my colour enough ya? πŸ˜› I really like the colour… so niceeee πŸ™‚

Got myself a few Chinese New Year clothes & accessories:

1. Forever 21 tops – RM 90

Forever 21 - Jewel Feather Tops
>> Image source from Forever21.com – Jewel Accent Feather Top

2. Forever 21 Sweater – RM 109

Forever21 Sweater

>> Can’t find it from their website. πŸ™ have to snap the pic myself πŸ˜›

3. Gap jeans – RM 259

Gap Jeans - Real Straight Cut (Dark Wash)

>> Image Source from Gap.com – Real Straight Jeans (Dark Wash)

3. My high heels from Step – RM 72 after discount

Step HeelsStep Heels - Side looks

>> Nice.. finally found one shoe that really fits me.. there is one phrase which I feel is very true.. “Good shoe is hard to find like a good bf”.. lol….

4. Misc tops I got from KL:


>> Most I got it from F.O.S and the Elle tops is discounted one. lol…missed out one white colour tops.. lasy ps it d..

5. Bottoms I got from Elle & F.O.S as well… can’t remember the price thou .. lol…


6. Misc accessories … some I got it from night market.. some from Parkson Gurney…

Accesssories - Earrings, Hair Clip

Bracelet - Island Shop Parkson Gurney

>> This is the one I love most is also the most expensive .. cost me RM 39 for one bracelet =___=||| Got it from Island Shop from Parkson Gurney

7. Spent around RM 220 for my inner wear… which cost a big hole in my pocket… the most expensive I have ever spent for my inner wear… >.< But no pic for you all πŸ˜›

8. Fila sport shoe I got from DFO Spencer Melbourne, Australia when I was on my holiday there last September 09 – RM 180

Fila Sport Shoe

>> I found the shoe lace very long.. don’t really like it…might cut it shorter.. lol…

9. My new Billabong handbag I got from Perth last year.. should be less than RM 60.. forgot already.. lol…damn cheap … if I get it from here sure > RM 100 d…

Billabong HandBag

>> A good match with my heels… cool!

Advice to everyone, better get your new clothes few months earlier cuz you can’t find any suitable ones when it is near Chinese New Year. I wanted to find one extra tops and short pants also couldn’t … actually saw one short pants from Element.. Rm 79… but no more size… sad…. but good also.. save my money.. cuz I really got a super big hole in my pocket d… sad…. *cry*

Anyway… I’m so happy now…. cuz I got a new toy to play with – SONY TX1 in Silver colour!!!! I love the small size of this compact camera… and also it’s leather white pouch… damn cool! Now I don’t have to worry not able to bring my big bulky Nikon D60 out already… this is definitely not a replacement for D60… but.. it comes in handy when I’m out with my girly attire πŸ™‚

Sony TX1

Happy happy…

Updates on my unhappy mood: I have to forget about it.. start everything from zero now.. got to be more hardworking.. it is a brand new year… got to wish for the best and fight for my dreams!

P/S: Another happy news….Β  my best friend coming to find me during this CNY… purposely fly over..hahah… miss her soo much!!! Will have updates on that soon.. cuz she won’t be here till end of Feb 2010.. lol!

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine to everyone!

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My holiday post #1: Departure from Penang to Perth

Finally I’m gona reveal where I’ve been to this 2 weeks.. lol… guess many of you have found the answer from my last post… sure yeah with the kangaroo pictures… who doesn’t know right?

Yes, I’m in Australia for 10 days! Stopped by KL for 3 days shopping spree! It was a great trip. Reason? It was supposed to be a budget trip but we have friends that added spices to our holiday + enjoyed myself very very much in Australia + bought a lot of things (not in Australia, but in KL.. lol)

Well.. in short… I really love Australia very much. The weather was just fine.. tho is considered very cold (for Spring) to me (but not the locals >.<)… but I really like the city especially Melbourne very much.

Special thanks to wonderful Stephanie for keeping us company and let us stay in her house, the sweet Michelle for fetching us around and letting us sleep in her bed with heater (sweet), the friendly Jessie for having dinner with us, the nice Melisa for staying up to open the house door for us, the thoughtful Pei San for bringing us around and let us sleep in her bed as well, the cute and funny Angelynn for showing us Adelaide and fetching us around, the kind Dancy for accompanying us, the great Sean for letting us sleep in his nice and new guest room, the funny Robin + Vivian for adding spices to our holiday, the warm Anthea and Alex for a short meet up in Melbourne … in case I forgot anyone I’m so sorry.. don’t mean to… but you guys really make a good host and excellent friends… I enjoyed my holiday to the fullest and you all had createdΒ  great memories for my 2009 holiday. Muaks and hope to see you guys again ^^

We were kinda worried on the H1N1 virus… so wore mask:

Us with the masks

>> No one else wore… non of the Australian in our flight wore mask.. @_@…

Since we had around 7 hours in LCCT before our flight to Perth.. which was in the midnight 12am >.< … so we hang around LCCT… nothing much I can say.. but Missy said it has improved a lot since the last time she’s been there… hmm… more shops and restaurant… lol….

The McDonald is still there (sure la!) Taste of Asia also still there… added Marrybrown, Old Town Kopitiam, KFC and some souvenir shops…



Had our dinner in Taste of Asia.. Missy ordered fried bihun special – which is fried bihun + curry chicken..RM 9.90.. I ordered Noodle soup.. RM 9.90 as well..

Fried bihun special

Kuey Teow Soup

Taste? Not bad.. and quite big bowl as well… Missy’s fried bihun was very dry for her πŸ™‚

Me with my kuey teow soup

My camera battery ran low around 7pm… so we found ourselves the power point and sat down to wait for it to get fully-charged…

After walking around LCCT, we realized one thing… a lot of foreigners were really daring. They just dare to leave their luggage unattended and check out the souvenir shop/newspaper shop @_@ Amazing isn’t it? Hello, this is Malaysia. Not your country which is safe from theft!

Saw this while charging my battery:

Unattended luggage

Since there was ample time before we boarded the plane.. we went to Old Town for the toast bread

Old town kopitiam toast

Finally it was time to go on board..Β  the Air Asia X

Air Asia X

>> erm… picture was actually taken when we were on the way back from Perth… cuz it was 12am in the morning and I’m supposed tobe in my bed!

The in-flight entertainment looks quite promising.. just that you need to pay RM 30 if you want to use it.. they have lots of movies, songs, games… not bad if you are taking long flight.. unless if you plan to sleep all the way then no point buying this.. lol…

In-flight entertainment

Meal I pre-ordered.. quite disappointing as it is just chicken + potato + 1 mineral water and cost RM 20 @_@

In-flight pre-ordered Meal

After 5 hours we finally reached Perth International Airport! Phew… backache already… *blek*

Anyway.. going through the immigration is super stressed up… so scared they detain us for detailed question… lol… they even have dogs to smell on your luggage.. just in case you try to be funny… lol… and the dog is Jack Russel… cool isn’t it? and it is very cute as well… πŸ˜€ The immigration chic that brought the dog out was also very cute and pretty *wink*

[

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Pot Luck for a special person

Had a pot luck on the past weekend to welcome a friend. She just back from Australia. Those aunties prepared so many dishes…nice nice….food, wine, dessert, etc etc….nice nice


Yummy right? I bet your saliva is dripping now…… ^o^

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