I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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My X’Mas celebration @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant Gurney

I booked this X’Mas eve dinner one month earlier.. lol… so scared no place….never been to Gurney Daorae… been to Bayan Point’s one three times. I can say, I really really like this korean restaurant. The service is very very very good and the food is simply delicious. Only certain one la. not all.

My 4th attempt in Daorae. First, Second, Third. Still love it to the MAXXXX!!!

Reached Daorae Gurney 6.35pm. My booking is 7pm. so…we were early. Got people take care my car.. nice.. and is FOC ler!! niceeeeee… love it!

Since I requested for tatami style.. and it was still early, so we got what we wanted. The table seemed to be very big for the two of us…

But it was just nice when the food arrived.. 🙂

Anyway, we ordered 2 BBQ – Seasoned Hot & Spicy Chicken & Ginseng Pork.. hmm… the Ginseng Pork was really very nice. Yummy!

BBQ @ Daorae Gurney1

Then we also ordered the Kimchi-JJirae soup… damn nice la!!!

Kimchi-JJiRae @ Daorae Gurney2

The seasoning:

Seasoning @ Daorae Gurney3Seasoning @ Daorae Gurney4

The free side dishes, soup, steamed egg:

Side Dishes @ Daorae Gurney5Soup @ Daorae Gurney6Steam Egg @ Daorae Gurney7

And also the nice bbq chicken (Taken by Missy):

BBQ Pork @ Daorae Gurney8

Since we were too full and got noting to do.. we thought of taking funny faces pictures… this is Missy’s one:

SY @ Daorae Gurney9


My Funny Faces @ Daorae Gurney10


US @ Daorae Gurney11

I love this pic very much:

Me @ Daorae Gurney12

This was a farewell meal with Missy. Guess I won’t have chance to eat Daorae with her already. *sigh*…. Gona miss her lots.

After dinner, we went to Gurney Drive.. just stayed there a while then headed back home.. old d.. couldn’t stay out late 😛

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Daorae dinner with family

Sister wanted to eat korean food… and she saw from my blog about Daorae… so she suggested we go there for our Friday dinner….

I waited very long for them cuz bro-in-law was working late… by the time I reached Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, it was 7.30pm… with a few people in line… and full house! WOW! What was so special today that everyone went for korean food? >.<

Anyway… I waited for awhile…I really wanted to take the upstairs tatami type seat… but they were all taken… and I didn’t really want to wait.. so I just got the normal table for 4 😛

Finally they arrived…. so I just ordered 2 BBQ – Soy sauce seasoned pork and spicy seasoned chicken, 1 Kimchi-Jjirae and 1 ginseng chicken soup.

Vege @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 2Daorae Korean BBQ RestaurantSoy sauce seasoned pork @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 3Spicy chicken @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 4Kimchi-jjirae @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 5Ginseng Chicken @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 6

They gave us complimentary steam egg and small size pan cake.. niceeeee

Sis & Baby Darren @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 7Family @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 8Darren @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 9Darren @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant 10

I really like to dine-in at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant… the service is good, the environment is very cozy, the food is nice…. the best part? They gave 9 small plates of appetizers… korean food is famous for their small plate appetizers.. especially the kim chi plate.. niceeeeeee

Another best part? Free flow of tea for every order… and free flow of vege if you order BBQ … cool? Yes I think so 😀

My besties kept suggesting me to have the Kimchi-jjirae @ Chang Chun Guan..cuz it is better than Daorae… It is situated just opposite Daorae… I have never been there seriously … cuz I really really like Daorae…


1. Chang Chun Guan’s food is much more expensive

2. They do not provide the small small appetizers like Daorae did for FOC… they charge 1 small plate for RM 3 @_@ I know.. really crazy…

3. The best seller – Kimchi-jjirae is the best… but they do not come with 1 free rice which Daorae does…

Say me unfair or being bias or calculative, but come on la… Chang Chun Guan charges you for everything you order… erm….sure dine-in at Daorae better right? You all agree with me right? 😛 but seriously … I really can’t complain much on Daorae as this is the best Korean Restaurant I’ve tasted so far (please don’t compare having such food in Korea.. there is the origin of all korean food in Malaysia.. sure there will be so much nicer 😛 )… now I’m giving free advertorial to Daorae… lol…

I’m sure I will test out how does Chang Chun Guan’s food taste like… but not so soon… currently need to save more money… lol…

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Saturday day out with Missy

Missy said she never try korean food before… and I just had a very nice korean food last week….so I brought her to Daorae Korean BBQ restaurant…. niceeeee…..she love it very much…hhehe…..

We want to order BBQ chicken…but the minimum order for BBQ must be 2 orders….which means must order either 1 chicken + 1 pork…which I doubt we can finish it…so we just order Kim chi jji rae – kim chi soup + 1 pancake…hehe…I forgot d pancake name…and didn’t snap any photos on it…*sigh*… always forgot about it….

Daorae Korean BBQ RestaurantDaorae with Missy

The food we ordered together with the 9 side dishes:

Korean food we ordered

Yuan lai the side dishes can refill ei…ehehe…cool! But we didn’t because was kinda full d….hehe….


>> All done! Super full!

Missy and I

>> Missy and I ss at there..before we go off…lol

After lunch… went to trim my hair… hehe…wash + cut + blow only RM 18…not bad…..thought of having the hair cut I used to have…but Missy said she scared the lady dunO cut…so…end up I just trim off the bad ends of my hair nia….now….is at shoulder length d….

Missy saja snap my pic…lol…

Me @ Hair saloon

After that… the day still young….so I suggest to Missy that we go watch movie…. thought of watching “Night at the Museum II”.. but it was selling fast… zzzz….. so we go for “Monsters VS Aliens”…. cool!

Bought myself “Angels and Demons” book….want to know about this story in details…lol…

Angels and Demons book

What a tired + busy + enjoyind Saturday!

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Again… I have a busy weekend…which I love it…. Yes… I know…it’s tiring…but it’s a time where I can spend my time with friends and family….. loving it!

Sunday morning went for a facial … it’s d worst facial I every faced….cuz after the beautician extract my pimples… my face… swallon like shit! No more next time to that place…Not going to say it cuz it is quite famous..maybe only that beautician did badly on my face….*sigh*… just bad luck la….

Meet up with Lam Lam…. we went to DaoRae Korean BBQ Restaurant for lunch…is newly open in Bayan Point…. we are there to celebrate Lam’s birthday… hehe….some pictures to share:

Korean BBQ Restaurantlam-n-us

We ordered 3 type of ala-cart: Kimchi soup, octopus fried in spicy and stone rice… total is RM 73 include 10% service charge… the best part… they do not have 5% government charge and they give one free food depends on how much you spend…. so far…I think this korean food is quite nice.. better than Seoul Garden at least few times lor..hehehe…..

Oh yA! Another best part…the chief Chef came out to greet us…asked us how is the food…it is really fantastic…hehe….probably it is also newly open…

By the way, the eating style is like those Japanese n Korean style..u got to put ur leg inside the hole below the table…syok nia! So cool!

Thumbs up for DaeRae Korean BBQ… heard that they are going to open in Queensbay…more cool!

Wish to dedicate my best wishes to best friend Lam…wish her happy all the time and God bless her



After that went to sis house…. meeting up for dinner…. we went to On-stop “zhong hua xiao chu”…. sis want to eat Beijing Duck….

So here is our duck:

Beijing Duck's skinDuck Meat

>> The Duck meat was fried in black pepper….and I have to say…it is nice… even bro-in-law who doesn’t eat duck ei..also eat a few pieces…lol…

The bill turned out to be RM 200++… wtf! The reason being that we ordered a super expensive grouper… faint…that grouper cost us RM 110….zzzzz……..

We brought baby along….check out his cheeky look with his dad:

darren Yumdarren-wif-dad

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