I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Bling + decoden

I have once again bling some of my stuff… this time I have added decoden on them… lol. but I don’t dare to bling my new handphone anymore… scared later it got angry then don’t want to work anymore then I really headache again….

This time I added bling + decoden to 3 things ~ A mirror (for a friend’s wedding), a name card holder (still thinking who to give) and a Nokia handphone cover (for sister’s handphone)…

Let the pictures do the talking:

1. Bling with purple theme’s blingΒ + decoden

2. Name card holder:

3. Nokia handphone cover:

My blinging skills got better already right? lol…. check out my first bling on my
handphone, comb, mirror and car key.

On the other hand,Β Darren’s babysitter’s daughter invited sister and family to herΒ wedding. Definitely Darren was invited as well. Sister bought a nice tuxedo for him. Look at his handsome look:

He has grown up so much! πŸ™‚Β 

July 18, 2010   5 Comments

Dinner @ Dragon-I with family

Last dinner with sister before she departed back to her work… we went to Queensbay for dinner…

At first wanted to eat the newly opened Taiwanese food.. but seems need to wait… so we went to Dragon-I… also need to wait >.< then when we wanted to go back to the Taiwanese food, there was longer queue already!!!

Baby… as usual.. cheeky… run here and there… throwing tantrums when he couldn’t get what he wanted…

Sister ordered a noodle… thought it won’t be spicy so baby can eat… manatau it turned out to be spicy ones… so she gave bro-in-law’s fried rice to bb and also mom’s chicken soup noodle…

#1: Sis’s noodle:

#2: Signature dishes of Dragon-I – Xiao Long Bao:

>> Si pek delicious.. I like the hot gravy inside the skin.. you got to be very careful when you eat cuz if not, the hot gravy will burn your lips and also spill out… would be a waste πŸ˜›

#3: My Sze Chuan ma la mian:

>> Not nice one…

#4: Bro-in-law’s fried rice

#5: Side dish 1: Fried crispy eel

>> So hard! Not nice also πŸ˜›

#6: Side dish 2: roast duck

>> Not what sister want… very salty… I don’t like it either.. only bro-in-law likes it… so he finished them all πŸ˜›

#7: Mom’s Chicken soup seafood noodle:

>> I like the soup.. tasted very delicious.. should order this on my next visit πŸ˜€

Some cheeky pictures of Darren:



>> Ask him smile he show me such face =___=|||


>> He did it purposely! @_@


>> Again.. ask him smile he show different facial expression d


>> Darren’s bored look


>> Daddy bullied Darren πŸ˜›

#14: My latest picture with Mom:

March 11, 2010   1 Comment

Taiping 1-day-trip

Went back to Taiping on a day trip to pray ancestors… just a very short one.. didn’t even visit my relatives… just went back pray guan yim and grandfather then back home d…

We went to this place where they got very nice seafood porridge.. very nice one ler! Everytime we went Taiping sure went to eat this.. πŸ™‚


Seafood noodle

>> Da best seafood porridge/noodle!


White Chicken

>> erm… we didn’t really like this and it didn’t really taste very very nice… but bro-in-law will still order it every time we eat there.. lol…



>> This was also not very nice… not as nice as the Rojak that can be found in Penang!



>> I’m bored! Where is my food?



>> Yay! My plate, fork and spoon are here πŸ˜€


Darren 3

>> U see my eye blueblack? cuz I knocked myself the night before.. πŸ™

Went home after lunch.. reached Penang around 3pm.. phew… so tired and so hot!!!

March 3, 2010   4 Comments

Watchout Mama! Darren is a handsome toddler now!

A post specially dedicated to my baby Darren… he has changed so much from the day he came to this world till now, which is 2 years, 3 months and 5 days old…

From dark and skinny….


To chubby a bit…


To super chubby…..


To start slimming down (Cuz he started to be choosy =__=|||.. baby oso can be so choosy)….


To skinny and tall now…

>> This was his 1-year-old birthday’s picture… so skinny d…
>> Chinese New Year 2009..
>> This was his 2 years old birthday… do you spot any difference from 1-year-old to 2-year-old?

Till the most recent one where he was bitten by don’t-know-what-kinda-insects….


Gosh! He has just grown up soooooo fast!

But.. he is always a pain in my ass… he loves to make me angry (which makse me hate kids so much now >.<)… he loves to do things that adults don’t allow him to do on purpose (like throw things everywhere, beat people, vivi aka pee without telling us, eat unhealthy food – chocolate, play with water – this is the latest favourite from him, etc)… the list is never ending…He just drives me crazy!!

He still doesn’t know speak fluently.. just words by words… I believe he knows a lot of things and words… he just doesn’t want to speak nicely… naughty him…

But he is a gem in our family..gem in his father and mother’s heart.. gem in grandma’s heart, gem in those auntie and uncles’ heart in temple, gem in his babysitter’s heart… and nonetheless, gem in his closest auntie -> which is MY heart as well…

Tho I always grumble about his bad behavior…but there is no doubt that I love him very much… anyhow, he is the first and only one small child at home.. πŸ™‚

I was really busy lately till I don’t even have time to take our my camera to snap his pic… so sorry ya bb… promise I will snap more… πŸ™‚

Love ya BB! muaks!

P/S: For those of you thought he is my bb, ya, he is. But I didn’t carry him for 10 months only *blek* He is my only bb. That is why I won’t think of carrying my own in anytime in the future.


December 12, 2009   5 Comments

Haagen Dazs with sister

Went to have Haagen Dazs with sister, baby and bro-in-law on the Sunday before sis went back to Tabuk…I’m collecting points to upgrade my card so I dragged her along.. lol…

But baby was sooooo happy … sure la! Gets to eat the best ice-cream in the world wor…he even drank d whole glass of water (where normally he doesn’t like to drink water)… again… sure la! first: it was a cold water… second: got lemon taste in it… not the normal plain water with no taste at all… at least got the lemon taste that makes the water become not so “plain” … lol…

Darren @ Haagen Dazs Queensbay MallDarren @ Haagen Dazs Queensbay Mall 2Flower Blossom @ Haagen Dazs Queensbay Mall 3New York Brownies @ Haagen Dazs Queensbay Mall 4Darren @ Haagen Dazs Queensbay Mall 5Sister @ Haagen Dazs Queensbay Mall 6Darren & Bro-in-law @ Haagen Dazs Queensbay Mall 7

November 3, 2009   4 Comments

Baby Darren’s swollen face, hand, ear

Today baby’s face suddenly swollen. Mom said this morning wasn’t so serious…but just now was soo serious till mom kept grumbling there… >.< Not sure he got bitten by what… or allergy to what food or what ever la..

See his swollen hand, ear and face:

Darren's swollen handDarren's red red earDarren swollen faceDarren swollen earDarren swollen face 2Darren swollen face 4Darren swollen face 3

See how red is his ear? he felt nothing at all >.< He dun feel itchy or pain or anything.. still can laugh when I play with him and cry when got scolded by me .. hmm… He is a tough kid πŸ˜›

>> Update: Darren’s face is getting better after mom gave him medicine. However the scar still there… sad…

October 28, 2009   10 Comments

Another post for baby Darren

Brought baby Darren for dinner on Saturday night with bro-in-law’s friends… there are a lot of children at the newly opened restaurant as well.. he keep staring at people, hoping they will play with him:


but the child’s mom said the child need to eat… ask baby come later… cheh! Auntie really auntie… mai stare ma mai stare la…

Darren 2

Showing his cheeky looks:

Darren 3

Hands off my lens πŸ˜›

Darren 4

Wonder what makes him open his mouth till like that:

Darren 5

More cheeky looks:

Darren 6

Darren 7

Keep wanting mom to carry him:

Darren 8

Darren 9

Uncle ah Boo and wife:

Darren + Boo + Boo's Wife

Dinner time:

Darren 10

Darren 11

Boo bought Vitagen for Darren.. but he didn’t like it… lol…

Darren 12

Darren 13

Baby played with Ah Boo… he just loved playing with him and get “tortured” by him .. lol

Darren + Boo

The restaurant’s serve a very small portion of vege… the funny part, the cooks don’t know how to make a bigger portion one.. so if you have 10 people dine-in there, you might have to order 2 serving of every dishes … to make sure is enough for 10 people πŸ˜›

August 24, 2009   2 Comments

Random post 3

Don’t know what to blog and don’t have mood to blog are the reason of no updates in my blog…sorry ya…

The past weekend I didn’t go out… just babysit Darren…. which is a big headache for me… Honestly those who knows me will know I don’t like kids… even my family knew about it…but this naughty Darren… makes me hate kids even more!

Grhhhhh…. cuz Darren is seriously naughty… you cannot beat him as he will throw tantrum … you cannot take away what he is holding as he will throw tantrum again… he is a big super duper stubborn baby! yaya.. gen of his parents which both also equally stubborn.. that’s why the baby came out is worse ==”

I told mom, sis, and bro-in-law I don’t want to have my own babies in future. I really cannot stand having a kids around me. Make me very frust and angry. Mom said every family should have a baby then only perfect. Babies is the key to hold a family together. ==”

When he good boy the time, then is still ok. But 80% he is very naughty. He even beat my keyboard no matter how many times I told him not to. Damn frust when that happen. I always threaten my sis, if my IBM laptop or any of my things spoils, she has to pay for it cuz is her son who spoils it πŸ˜›

Sorry… I really don’t like kids.. *blek* Maybe I’m not ready to have my own? Hmm… I don’t know πŸ˜›

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