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Met Donnie Yen in Person!!!

I’m not a big fan of any actor / actress. So when my girl friend said she hopes to meet famous star in HK, I just laugh in my heart, thinking only if we are so lucky.

Well, in fact we are so lucky to meet Donnie Yen in person!! It happened so fast that I also don’t know what to say to him.

It was late Tuesday night and we were walking towards Lan Kwai Fong. I was walking on the right lane when I noticed some china guy taking picture with this guy. So I just turned over and saw Donnie Yen. I stopped my girl friend and we were so excited! I shouted my other friends but they just walked further away.

Nonetheless, we had our pictures taken that night, leaving the place feeling so satisfied.

Donnie Yen isn’t really tall in person, but he is sure super handsome and macho. He didn’t talk much, seems like he had a few drinks already. Still, he is so charming.

This is like a dream come true. So blessed on this HK trip. Happy *(^.^)*

November 21, 2012   3 Comments

Movie Review: The Lost Bladesman a.k.a 关云长

Image source: www.twitchfilm.com

I thought this was nice when I saw the trailer…..and friend got attracted to it as well… so we have movie marathon in KL… 1st in GSC Midvalley… this one we watched it at TGV Sunway Pyramid (cuz I didn’t get what I want in Midvalley… that’s why I need to go to another mall for my shopping spree… but I just manage to get 1 item out of my 10 items list =.= )


Storyline -> sucks for this one… interesting part already all in the trailer… the ending was just cut it off cuz the movie too long already…

Action -> not bad la… can see Donnie Yen’s fighting scene… a lot of it some more… so.. consider ok d la…

But actually I already felt very sleepy when I watch this midnight show… so I wasn’t concentrating much.. but it doesn’t feel nice… and friend also said it’s not nice…

So not nice lor.. hehehe….


The story of Guan Yu’s life where he was held captive by warlord Cao Cao and went on a journey by horse to face various obstacles and behead several generals along the way.

Source: Ram Entertainment

May 9, 2011   2 Comments

Movie Review: IP Man 2


Image source: www.labronee.blogspot.com

Pre-ordered this movie from GSC website on Tuesday/Wednesday… went to watch it on Sunday night 9.30pm show….

Well well well… I didn’t watch the first episod… lucky they have introduction on the earlier part… so I still get to know what is the story line aka catch the ball… lol….

The story was quite nice… it says clearly that Chinese shouldn’t be looking upon American/angmo so much… You should be proud of who you are… stand to the point that Chinese culture is what that made you today…. I like this kinda movie… cuz it was such an inspired movie to all the Chinese for not worthshipping the angmo so much… 🙂 well… I’m not being bias… it is just that why should we look upon angmo so much where we have our own integrity to hold…

Ok… I’m a bit off the hook d… 😛

Anyway…. this was a nice show… should go check it out…. but… one of the down side…. Donnie Yen’s make up was really really thick la!!!! Yo! Somemore show his close up so clearly =___=|||


After his victory over the Japanese General in Foshan, Ip Man (Donnie Yen) moves to Hong Kong. He sets up a martial arts school to teach Wing Chun. Here, he is challenged by other kung fu masters, including Sifu Hung (Sammo Hung) who masters in Hung Quan. Sifu Hung and Ip Man draw a tie in their challenge and the latter is adored as a recognized master in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Twister, the powerful but cruel boxer champion who despised Chinese kung fu destroyed the fruit market and harassed the kung fu institutes. Twister, who also resulted in Sifu Hung’s death, then challenged the Chinese kung fu masters for a public combat. Ip was filled with grief and indignation and he decided to take up the challenge. He swore to claim back the dignity of Chinese kung fu and the Chinese people. A furious fight is about to begin…

Source: Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn. Bhd.

May 6, 2010   4 Comments

Movie Review: 14 Blades

14 blades

Image source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com

Watched this on Sunday… suppose watch 4:545pm show.. but friend last minutes cannot make it.. so need to delay it.. tickets bought day before d.. wasted.. such a wast!!!

Anyway.. rush for 7pm show.. have to take middle seats cuz I reserved it online… but clever friend don’t like middle seats… purposely took people seats =___=||| need to change the seats twice… damn… si pek no face .. arghh!

well… the show… quite nicee… better than “Little Big Soldier”… hehehe… cuz Donnie Yen so yeng inside…at least he got fight…


I don’t like Wu Chun and Choi Zhi Shan inside this show.. ming ming cannot fight one.. but with computer effect they seems to be very good in fighting… soooooo fake =__=|||

Storyline quite good… at least not a disappointing show..

Should watch this! Thumbs up!


During the Ming Dynasty, the Emperor of China possessed one weapon greater than all others, the Imperial Guards, an elite force of assassins recruited from street orphans. Trained in clandestine combat from childhood, the Imperial Guards were masters of the 14 Blades, eight being for torture, five for killing, and the last blade reserved for suicide when a mission failed. Above the law, with a license to kill, the Imperial Guards devoted their lives and lethal prowess to the service of the Emperor alone.

When the Imperial Court is taken over by evil eunuch Jia, the best of the Imperial Guards, Green Dragon (Yen) and Xuanwu, are assigned to steal a list identifying those still loyal to the Emperor. However unbeknownst to Green Dragon, the Imperial Guards have fallen under the control of Jia, and during the mission Green Dragon is betrayed by Xuanwu and barely escapes with his life. Now as the most wanted man in the land Green Dragon must seek out and rally the loyalists to rise against Jia and restore the Emperor to power. In his way are the deadliest assassins in the land, his former brethren, the Imperial Guards.

Source: RAM Entertainment Sdn. Bhd.

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