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RM 1 Million worth boy

Have you heard of this news? RM 1 million worth of boy!!!

Heard this on my way to work this morning… and search for more details about it… found it in “70-year-old man behind boy’s RM1m kidnapping

I heard from flyfm DJs – Nadia and Ben, that this boy was kidnapped by someone.. the person just took him away from his mom…. then called the parents for RM 1million ransom… the parents paid the ransom… and the kidnappers released the boy… but police got some inside news about the kidnappers and they captured total of 14 people for the investigation…

>> One of the suspect Paremsvaran Ramu is still on the run… Police is looking for him to assist them in the investigation….

Wow! I can’t believe it…. 7o year old man is the mastermind of this kidnapping… geng…. RM 1 million… divide 15 people… 1 person got around RM 66.7k… faint …. can give me a? lol…..

It seems that people nowadays can do anything for money…. what about you? will you do something illegal just to get the money for your living?

For me……I don’t know… maybe I haven’t reach the situation that I will do something stupid in order to get money… I think I’m blessed with this… and I don’t want to have such things happen to me as well…

But if I’m forced to do something unwillingly… I will say…. I will choose to sell my blood/organ… hahaha…. or maybe my hair? 😛 I don’t know…. I just don’t think it is right to so something illegal… haha… maybe selling blood and organ are illegal? 😛

April 24, 2009   8 Comments

Local news: Hope floats for 9As student

Heard about this news from Fly FM this morning…. and feel like blogging about it…

Hope floats for 9As student

>> It says that Desmond Dominic Raju, has been unsuccessful in obtaining a scholarship to pursue marine biology or psychology.  Datuk Anthony Ratos is willing to help Desmond with the contacts he have.

>> Fly FM let people call in for discussion… and one guy called in said that her daughter score 10As and she also couldn’t get any scholarship…. *faint*….
This makes me wonder… is SPM so easy to score? I think you all have heard of 13As, 20As, etc right? So… back to our time, scoring 10As is a whooha news… now the trend changed… it became 20As… well… how about the standard of these students? Are they able to compete with others when they are put in the different courses/university?

For those who have studied hard and were so excited on getting As in their SPM… it is very sad to hear that they missed out the chance of getting scholarship for the course they want…. lets hope the best for these students… may they get the helps they need. 😀

April 23, 2009   8 Comments

Amazing discovery/shocking news

Heard this news from FlyFM this morning… it was quite a shocking news/amazing discovery to the world

This Russian guy – Artyom Sidorkin suffered a chest pain and coughing blood … as normal people.. he went for a medical check… Doctor actually found an unknown object in his lung.. so he went for an operation. The panel doctor was so shocked when they saw a Fir Tree growing in Sidorkin’s lung…

More information :

Surgeons find fir tree ‘growing inside patient’s lung’

You can see the Fir tree looks from here.

The medical staff believed that Sidorkin must have inhaled the seed of the Fir tree…..Shocking isn’t it?

So… when you are young, your parents always tell you not to swallow seeds of the fruits you are eating (Apple/Grape/etc) … you better listen.. lol

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April 15, 2009   7 Comments