I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Crayfish Laksa at Tangs Orchard

I have a sudden craving for laksa… and since I’m in Singapore, I should try out their famous laksa right? I still very much crave for my Penang Laksa! :p

Erin suggest we go Tangs Orchard for their famous Crayfish laksa. All right, there we go~!

To me, the gravy not thick & spicy enough. The crayfish was fresh though. So it was a plus to the laksa. But, the most important is the gravy and it was not thick enough. Not to say spicy enough as well. Well, probably to suit local taste bud as they can’t really take spicy food.

As for Erin, she went for the black pepper tang hoon with soft shell crab. It was nice. 🙂

The price for the food is around SGD 15 – 25/platek, depends on your selection. Anyway, this was on the top level of Tangs Orchard. Just a restaurant on some local delights. Check them out if you are interested. 🙂

Address: 310 & 320 Orchard Road, Level 4 TANGS Orchard, Singapore
Tel: +65 6311 342

September 17, 2011   2 Comments

What to do on a Lazy Weekend?

What would you do on a lazy weekend? Eat, sleep, hang out with friends?

1. Camwhoring …. aka shiok sendiri… 😛

Or in changing room…

2. Refreshing ice-cream ~> Cold Stone… sweet and happy 🙂

3. A new drink ~ given free in Orchard area…. I don’t like it cuz it tasted weird… hahaha…

4. Nice lunch at Swensen ~ Spicy chicken mushroom + soup of the day

How you enjoy your weekend? 🙂

July 30, 2011   2 Comments

KL Trip on Labour Day

Went to KL on Labour Day weekend… took 10 hours bus to reach my destination =.= really wtf lor… not going to tk coach d… wasted whole afternoon on the road nia… haiz….. so sad…

As I reached quite late (5.30pm in the evening)… not much time for me to go to Petaling Street for their Ikan Bakar d… and friend wanted to go Jalan Alor for their hawker food… so we went there for dinner…. food there not bad.. but very pricy lor compare to other part of hawker centre…. hmm.. it’s one of the tourist attraction.. I’m a tourist in my own country!

After dinner I was exhausted… so just checked in hotel and get an early rest…. forgot to take pic of my hotel… =.=

Breakfast next day was toast bread & tea for me… half boil egg & coffee for friend… we woke up quite late… haha.. dragged till 11am only out from room.. too lazy to move around d 😛

First stop: Midvalley~! Shopping day… yay! But got stucked in the jam outside Midvalley… *sigh*

First thing to do when we reached there: Movie tickets for Thor! Movie quite nice lor… read my review on Thor here.

After window shopping around and still didn’t get what I want… we went for our lunch… late lunch @ Sushi Zenmai… one of my favourite … but friend said the food tasted so so only =.= si pek yim jim 😛 Well… cuz he’s very into japanese food… so basically to his standard are the japanese food in Cititel Penang / Ryoma…

I have never been to Cititel Japanese food.. I heard it was quite nice.. but friend said seems like they have changed a new chef… so the food not so nice already…

But my review about Ryoma ~ food so so only.. heheh…

After lunch… we went for movie – Thor… and since I still can’t get what I want… we headed to Sunway Pyramid… vroom~! Need to rush there cuz we wanted to catch the next movie ~ The Lost Bladesman.. I have my review about The Lost Bladesman here.

The movie was at 11.40pm… we went for our dinner at Tony Roma… food not that nice… haiz…

After movie reached hotel was 2am… super sleepy d…. zzzz……….

Next day… we wanted to have a late check out…. but hotel doesn’t allow it =.= so dragged myself up from the cozy bed to KLCC~!

Lunch @ Yuzu … another Japanese restaurant… hahaha…

Friend said the food quite nice… and the price quite reasonable as compare to Cititel & Ryoma…. hmm.. I have no idea.. he’s the Pro here….. he said I listened lo…

But then the set he ordered quite worth it lor…. RM 38 for a lot of varieties… not bad….

Then..headed to LCCT for my flight back…. *sigh*… such a short weekend… there goes my holiday…. sad

May 30, 2011   2 Comments

White Dog Cafe @ Vivo

My ex colleague & his gf paid me a visit on the weekend of Labour day… as I wouldn’t be around, I met him up for dinner on a Thursday night…

Honestly… I don’t know what’s nice in Vivo… erm.. with a reasonable price is hard to find lor… then I saw this White Dog Cafe has combo promo… thought it will be like Modesto’s so dai… so we have a try over here ….


Turned out the combo cost us $60…. bt the portion very small lor… super bo tat… not really filling…

Ended up I brought them to try gong cha… wahahah…..

May 24, 2011   3 Comments

Muchos Mexican Food @ Clark Quay

Craving for Mexican food… and since girlfriend and I tried Cafe Iguana @ Clark Quay before… so we decided to go for Muchos which is also in Clark Quay…

We thought the food portion is gona be big… so we ordered all for sharing…

Nachos with Salsa… famous snack in Mexican food….

Then we went for some pita bread or duno what they called that… portion super small la =.=

The main course we went for grilled chicken + vege…. also very small portion >.<

To make things worse… they do not allow us to top up d sauces =.= wtf… super cheapskate lor…

Food actually not bad… just the portion too small…. and service not that good…

Last but not least… a scope of ice-cream for dessert!

May 17, 2011   4 Comments

Eat, Drive, Round Penang Island

On a Saturday morning on Feb…. Friend and I went to round Penang Island from Tanjung Bungah -> Teluk Bahang -> Balik Pulau -> home….

First stop: Teluk Bahang Dam

I always wanted to go this dam … I find the view there very very nice… but it was drizzling that day…. So we can only stop for awhile…

Next we stopped at this small village/farm/garden… don’t know what should I call it… for Laksa~! Best things… I forgot to take pic >.< what a waste… the owner turned his garden / farm into a very homey business…. He even planned to have homestay at his farm… not bad huh? 😛

Then we drove till Balik Pulau… they have moved the market’s stalls to a new food court…. Friend wanted to stop by for some food….

So we shared it out… he is very bad… always stuffed me with food =.=\\

Anyway… it was a good day… sunny day with clouds… definitely with good mood 😛

Looking for a trip to Penang? 😀

April 26, 2011   2 Comments

Chicago Rib House Gurney Plaza

I actually miss the rib taste I had in Chicago Rib house… and I have been there once last year when celebrated Sher’s birthday

So this round, in conjunction of friend’s birthday celebration, I wana have a try once again…. yay~!

Well… actually gave friend a few choices… but he selected this once cuz I have been hard selling this Chicago Rib House.. lol… cuz I craved for it ma… so sure need to hard sell lor… lol

And before that… my colleague told me the portion of the St Louis Rib has been reduced… erm… I find it still the same because it was like that when visited them last time…

The food taste still the same… at least d pork rib still in acceptable ei size for half rack… hehehe…. better than d 1st time when I tried it with besties.. lol….

Probably gona have a try again soon…. hehehe…

February 12, 2011   2 Comments

Shopping day with sister & lunch at Azuma Japanese Restaurant

Sis is back… and she hasn’t got her CNY clothes yet.. so Mom & I accompanied her to do her shopping last friday…

Went to Kitschen, Element, etc then only got her choice of CNY clothes…then got Yu Ren Sheng’s hamper for mom…

>> me syok sendiri while waiting for sis to test out her clothes… hehehe….

Lunch at Azuma Japanese Restaurant cuz sis wanted to have Japanese food…

We ordered all the ala-carte food…

They have salmon promotion for January month… so we ordered mostly all salmon’s food…

Definitely need to order vege and edamame – mom’s favourite… and it was quite fresh and tasty ei edamane..

The salad was quite nice as well.. just that the dressing is a bit salty ….

Mom can’t take all d raw food… so we ordered salmon set for her…. 🙂

I also order salmon fried rice…

Overall I found the food in Azuma quite nice lo after few times trying… maybe is eating it at the right time with the right person…. 🙂

First time went with best friend, then sis, then family… all also nice… But I wonder why friends complained bout the food there.. lol…

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February 1, 2011   1 Comment