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10 things you can do for a birthday celebration

What you can do on a birthday celebration? erm….I’m crazy enough to come out 10…there might be more….as different people has different point of interest

This is only some idea that I can think of. Does not follow sequence….

1. A Haagen Dazs Treat!
> Yes, this is a must for me! I know it is costly but this is only once a year. Every one loves haagen dazs. It is just that they are not willing to spend on it IF it is not a special occasion. Since it is your friends’s birthday, why not give them a treat on the nicest, tastiest, coolest, yummiest, etc ice-cream in town? LOL… I know I might be exaggerate a bit but I really love haagen dazs…that is why I had my 3 times of haagen dazs ice -cream this year at here, here and here.

2. A movie treat

– If the birthday boy/gal is a movie geek, then you can bring them to a special movie treat. Find out their favourite actor/actress new show is it coming up on their birthday so that you know what movie to treat them. Definitely treat them to Premium/Gold Class movie as this will be more special to them. Premium class is only cost you 15 to 20 bucks and the seats are more cozy. As for Gold Class, only certain cinema has it and the price is around 40-50 bucks. For Gold class, if you think it is worth it to spend for your friends, then you might consider it 🙂

3. BBQ at the beach

> Do this in the evening and it is a good chance to gather around your friends. You can have cool sunset pictures as well. Not many are doing this nowadays…..But I love beaches….

4. Sing K aka Karaoke

> This is a chance for you to sing with your friends, cut cakes together in the karaoke room…and you can have free music on the birthday songs… 😀 oh ya! some lounge gives out free birthday cake if you have pre-book it earlier…T & C applied.

5. Buffet

> Some nice buffet in town which you don’t usually go to on normal days… you can make it for this special day. Buffet like Rasa Sayang Resort weekends’s buffet cost around RM 150 which is the best in Penang Island. I personally have yet to try it out but I have heard a lot of good comments about it… Would like to try it out someday.

6. Fine dining

> This also cost quite a lot as it based on the Entree/appertizer/dessert/drinks you order. Can do this for your best buddies 😀

7. Steamboat

> Although many did this on Chinese New Year, you might consider doing this. It is a fun gathering as well.

8. A shopping spree for the birthday person

> Bring him/her to a shopping spree is the best for the birthday person when you do not know what they want. LOL… I just had mine last Friday and it is awesome! It is like you are buying something you like but other’s paying for you. And the others are not your BF/GF. Is your best buddies/friends. This is great!

9. Go for a cruise/oversea trip

> Buy the birthday person a trip on cruise/oversea trip that they always wanted to go. This need to be done earlier as you will need to plan the trip for the accomodation, transport, etc.

10. A concert

> The birthday person might have their favourite singer/actor. Check on their favourite’s singer’s concert date and time so that you can pre-book the ticket earlier. 🙂

Some of you might have some other celebration you did with your friends. You could share with me over here. 😉

May 5, 2009   8 Comments

3rd bday celebration + Haagen Dazs

LOL… as the title…. I had my 3rd bday celebration yesterday… with Missy… thanks to her accompany… we just ate ate ate…. fat fat d…

Yesterday was a happening day… when to have a morning prayers… woke up at 5.30am…. then pray + have breakfast… reached home 11am….so sleepy….zzzzzz…. but need to get ready for my day…. 😀

I wore my Camel Active shoe….thanks to Sher and Lam…more details in here.


>> The shoe on my feet….LOL 😀

Went to Queensbay with Missy…. have the 1st meal… which is TGI Fridays!  We ordered the set meals…which have one Appertizer + one Entrees… we had Fried Mac and Cheese for appertizer and Cajun Prawn and chicken pasta…. For drinks…Missy ordered free flow of Ice Lemon Tea and I had a banana + Strawbery shake…. it is super filling for this meal… with the cheese and my milk shake… I can hardly move after that…

Some photos to share:

dsc_0092dsc_0093dsc_0101 [

May 4, 2009   5 Comments

2nd bday celebration + Haagen Dazs

My second birthday celebration is with my family member… we went to Berjaya Georgetown for buffet steamboat… RM 38++ per pax… Mom got 50% discount for senior citizen…. then mom got Berjaya Group’s card… so got 20% discount…. so…kinda worth it for this meal….

Some photos of my family before the steamboat starts:


On the seafood food:

dsc_0059dsc_0063 [

May 2, 2009   12 Comments

Haagen Dazs day

Went to eat Haagen Dazs with sis last satur…. hehe… cuz I got the newsletter from haagen dazs that they have offer this month…. buy RM 20 and get 1 pint ice-cream with just RM 25….. offer ends on 28-Feb-2009…. so… I actually want to buy 1 pint home… so… saja asked sis go to eat only… she brought baby along…. hahahahha…..

image003 [

February 24, 2009   No Comments

almost one week

Its been 5 days since my last post… I go trapped in a jam last few days and I took some pic of it… kinda lazy to resize my pic…. hehe…. paiseh paiseh…. will upload it once I resized it….

satur went to eat HD with sis…. hehe….nice nice…. yummyy…….also….will post it when I got time….

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