I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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My Cambodia family trip

It’s been so long and I nearly forgotten that I haven’t posted any updates on my trip to Cambodia with sis & mom. It’s an enjoyable & wonderful trip!! I really love that place and the people and most important is having a great sis as my company. Totally love this trip <3


We need to wake up at 4am to catch the flight at LCCT >.<|||

We reached Siam Reap International Airport @ 10+ in the morning…. Good morning sunshine~!

Sis booked the flight + hotel + 1day tour via AirAsiaGo… and the hotel is really, super niceeee!!! Love love love this hotel <3

The hotel room wasn’t ready for us so we take some time to take pictures in the hotel… it was hugeeee

Wait till we see the room, we were totally impressed with it.. of cuz we paid a hefty price for it.. hahhaah…oh well, this was meant to be an enjoyable and relaxing trip for us… so the $ is well paid off

They even have fresh lotus flower on the hotel lounge… smells refreshing 🙂

The bed can even fit 3 adults and they were soooo comfy!

Since the first day is free and easy for us, we take 0ur time to shower and change before go out for our adventure in a foreign land 😀

We walked down towards Pub street… on the way there were a few markets that sold souvenirs…. and it’s shopping time for the ladies~!

Yippppeeeeee!! And we just went to soup dragon for lunch since this was recommended by my friend and sis’s friend 🙂

We got a bit too excited and we ordered more than we can finish >.<|| And I also ordered a local green drinks which was said to be refreshing and it tasted very special + nicee.. not like I have tried such drinks before…

This was meant to be a mom+sis-only-trip as the condition of this country does not really suitable for my nephew. And bro-in-law will have to stay behind to take care of him. 🙂 I’m glad that we did enjoy ourselves to the fullest even without the cheeky one :p

We went for a massage in the evening… and it was a bad choice as it made my leg sore before going to Angkor Wat~!

Next up will be a hot day out at this historical place ~ Angkor Wat! <3

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New experiences in Bali

Done with the complains about Bali’s pricing, it’s time for something happy. ^^

Apart from the price and the driver I booked earlier didn’t appear, there were quite a few new experiences / things that happened during the trip that made me smile / shocked whenever I think about it.

1.This is a shocking experience… not to have the same experience again -> Animal attack!!!

Image source: bali-anjani.com

 You see, the monkeys in Uluwatu temple are moving around the temples freely. And, they snatched almost anything they can get from you. Whenever some monkeys snatched your stuff, there will be local balinese appear from no where, to help you get your stuff back.

For my own experience, we were walking up the stairs and this huge monkey came from no where just snatched my sun glasses ! Arghh… to get it back, I paid 10,ooo rupiah to the local >.<|||

Prepare more small change to give to the locals. In case your stuff got snatched by the mysterious thief 🙁

2.Walked 30 min to find a local food stall … add up is 1 hour to and fro from our resort…

As you can see from the map, A – Bebek Tepi Sawah Resort & Spa was our resort. We walked on the wrong path, follow orange arrow. Then purple arrow to reach point B that took us close to 45 min. Since we didn’t find any food on point B, so we went back to the red arrow place that we found passed by earlier.

There we had their mee ayam, bakso, ketupat, fried chicken… super full & filling meal. Satisfied after the 45 min walk 😛

3. Had sponge bob ice-cream!!

Saw this in one of their 24hours store. So cute! I must have it~! Why they don’t have it here? >.<|||

4. Nearly drown in this nice swimming pool

Was playing with my friend and nearly got myself drown in here >.<||| Now I know how the feelings of being drown … scary… not to try that again :p

5. Had a great tea time by the pool side

First nearly drown in the pool, then get to taste a very nice pisang goreng + tea by the pool side… so satisfying ^.^

Anyway, this was an enjoying trip for me. Though I won’t be considering of going back there anytime soon, but still, it’s a great memories for me & friend. 🙂

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Things you must know about Bali before going there

Sorry for not updating my blog for so long… my Cambodia trip & so many more food blogs that I got no time to upload them…

Anyway, I just back from Bali and there are so much to put it down so that more people can make their planning well before going there for the first time in your life…

It was a beautiful place… with hill and sea and beaches… if you don’t like to get tan / if you don’t like beaches / if you don’t like being chopped by local people… don’t even think about this place…

The last statement said is what I want to blog about now.

The price for all the entrance fee to Bali’s local attraction has hiked up. Some have gone double. And it’s really not worth it to go to the “so-call-historical-place”. To my friend and I, it’s more like chopping-tourist’s-head-off-as-much-as-they-can >.<|||

Alright, I’ll start with the local attraction most of the local tour guide will bring you. These places I have been there and I’m here to tell you my own experience. I have skipped a few of the places as they don’t really bring much meaning to us.


First, before going to Bali, please find the right local tour guide/driver. Do note that driver and tour guide are different meaning. However, the locals will make it the same meaning. THEY ARE NOT!

Driver -> will only drive you around and will not bring you inside the historical places & explain to you about the place

Tour guide -> Someone will explain to you in details on what the place about. I only see foreigners -> those follow tour one, or those Caucasian/European/American will engage this service. Normally you will be charge 2 different price for both driver & tour guide.

I have my driver booked 2mths before my trip. But when I reached there, I didn’t see him. Well, to him, he was there waiting for me 3hrs. So.. I’m not sure why I didn’t see him. Case close.

I engaged another driver in the airport, which cost me 75,000k rupiah (RM 30 / SGD 12)  more. Nothing much to say about this driver. His English wasn’t really good. So he can’t really explain well on those historical places. And the malay he spoke, I can’t understand well. 🙂


Let’s go into the individual attraction:

Most of the places follow one another. If the tour guide arrange Ubud/Kintamani area for you, most likely you will be covered the route as I took. All the detailed/ history of the attractions were taken online. So, to know more about them, please google for more ^^

1. GWK culture park – Garuda wisnu kencana ->

Entrance now: 60,000k Rupiah (RM 24/SGD 10) per pax

Entrance previously – 30,000 Rupiah

Parking fee: 2000 Rupiah

Comment: This is the most most not worth to be attraction. The statue was built by the local authority for their religion worship history. The Garuda ~ the big bird, Wisnu ~ Hindu GOD, Kencana ~ Transportation… so the meaning is the transportation of the Wisnu GOD is the big bird.

Anyway, the history might be good, but when you can only see the “fake bird” with only the head, the God with upper body, with the 2 hands 5m away from it, I doubt it will be enticing enough for tourist. And the entrance fee doesn’t worth the price. See the price hiked double??

>> However, the main reason this culture park was built is to preserve the history culture for locals & tourist. It’s noble thing to do. At the same time, it is a skip-able attraction you can choose not to visit.

2. Uluwatu temple ->

Entrance now: 20,000 Rupiah (RM 8/SGD 3) per pax

Entrance previously: 3000 Rupiah (See price double???)

Parking: 5000 Rupiah

Comment: Special as in the temple was built on a cliff. Nice to watch sunset there. But be prepared to pay 50,000 rupiah for the local kecak dance. We chosen to skip that.

Also, beware that there were loads of wild monkeys there. And looking at their size, I doubt any human can save you if you are attacked by them. So, keep all your belongings in your bag. Don’t think they don’t dare to snatch it from you. When they did, you just need to pay for the locals-standby-there some “donations” to get your things back. WHICH I KENA!!!

3. Jimbaran dinner ->

Only pay for the parking fee 2000 rupiah

Comment: This is another chopping head dinner place. The so-call romantic dinner by the beach has been described by friend as you-can-find-it-in-penang. Just that Penang beaches no tables & chairs & seafood served. Totally spoiled the mood. >.<||

Anyway, we didn’t take their dinner package which is going to cost 800,000 rupiah (RM 320/SGD 132). This money I can eat nice seafood in Teluk Bahang Penang already. Some more can tapao back.

So, we just ordered 2 large Bintang beer + 800gram fried squid that cost us 200,000 Rupiah (RM 80/SGD 33). Crazy rite??

4. Tega-allang -> local padi field.

Entrance now: 5000 rupiah (RM 2/SGD 1) per pax

Entrance previously: It’s free!!

Comment: Friend felt this is a bit ridiculous because we only passing by and yet we have to pay for the “entrance fee”. OMG! And only see the padi field which not many will really go down to there. Our driver said that this entrance fee will be payable to the locals that maintain that area. Well, maybe. But, who knows right?

5. Tirta empul temple ->

Entrance now: 15,000 Rupiah (RM 6/SGD 3) per pax

Entrance previously: 6,000 rupiah

Parking fee: 5000 rupiah

Comment: This is the sacred place where locals will wash themselves in the pool of holy water to cast away bad things. You can rent a sarong if you want to get wet, which we didn’t. We just walk around. It’s nice to see the holy water out from the earth. Other than that, the buildings were not well maintained, they looked old and tear.

Oh, please do your reading before hand because there wasn’t much info inside for you to read about this place.

6. Kintamani volcano -> lunch by the volcano

Entrance now: 10,000 Rupiah (RM 4/SGD 1.50) per pax

Entrance previously: 3000 Rupiah

Parking fee: 5000 rupiah

Comment: I know 10,000 rupiah / RM 4/SGD 1.50 is nothing. This is the price you need to pay to pass by. Now we are saying if you are stopping there to have lunch you also need to pay!!! OMG!

And the lunch there, the so-call buffet was 121,000 rupiah (RM 48/SGD 20) each. Please don’t expect seafood buffet. It’s just normal local malay food. Some fried rice, fried vege, some desserts, some satay, etc. It’s quite costly I would say.

You got no choice but to eat lunch here cuz all the driver/guide will definitely bring you here for lunch. >.<

7. Ulun danu bratan temple ->

Entrance now: 30,000 Rupiah (RM 12/SGD 5) per pax

Entrance previously: 10,000 Rupiah

Parking fee: 5000 rupiah

Comment: The temple flood on the water. Many people will take their wedding photos here. You can also have some water sports here because it’s at Bratan Lake. It’s quite cool over there as well. Nice place.

8. Taman Ayun ->

Entrance now: 15,ooo Rupiah (RM 3/SGD 1) per pax

Entrance previously: 10,000 Rupiah

Parking fee: 3000

Comment: This place has a very nice grass before you enter the temple. Well, to be exact, you can’t enter them. It’s only for special ceremony and no outsiders allow.

There isn’t much information about the temple posted. So, need to do your reading before hand.

9. Tanah Lot ->

Entrance now: 30,000 Rupiah (RM 12/SGD 5) per pax

Entrance previously: 10,000 Rupiah

Parking fee: 5000

Comment: This I think is the most worth it one kua. hahah… I love the view here! And it just feel like I’m at Melbourne’s twelve apostle. I just love the cliff and sea and clouds.

And I asked the driver about the curse for this place, he said it only applicable to the Balinese. Muahahha…. I’m happy I made it to this place even though I got burnt under the sun ^^

10.Strawberry farm, coffee farm, batik shop, silver shop, wood sculpture shop, etc

>> We skipped all this as friend and I weren’t a big fan of such things. However, that made our driver unhappy cuz obviously he’ll get commission if we buy anything >.<|||

11. Food:

Crispy chicken – you can even eat the bone. In English is called pressurized chicken

~ Cost us 208,000 Rupiah (RM 80/SGD 33) for 2 half crispy chicken + 1 tofu + 2 ice tea

dirty duck – In malay it’s call bebek tepi sawah. Direct translate is duck by the padi field.

~ Cost for half duck was 100,000 Rupiah (RM 40/SGD 16)

>> The so call local famous food/must try food. Crispy chicken was not bad. Just that it’s pricy. As for the dirty duck, totally not worth it. It’s only fried duck. Half duck RM 40???? Seriously??

Anyway, the driver brought us to all the food places.


Most important, you need to pay tax of 150,000 Rupiah (RM 60/SGD 25) before you left Bali. Friend said normally this only happened in third-world country.

Total cost for the entrance fee + parking for 2 pax =402,000 Rupiah (RM 160/SGD 66)

Tax for 2 pax: 300,000 Rupiah (RM 120/SGD 49)

Driver = 400,000 Rupiah/day. Depends you engage how many days. Min 3days. So it’s 1,200,000 Rupiah (RM 480/SGD 200)


It’s quite costly if you really count for the travel fee itself to an Asia country. All the restaurants are quite pricy. If you want to find local food, you will need to walk very far from the town or local attraction.

Let me re-arrange my pictures and I’ll update more! Stay tuned!


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Mad Crazy on last week of 2010

Opps…. wasn’t able to online and post blog this week… super busy…

Argh…. busy for 2010 closing…  as it was year end… a lot of people went for vacation and many unreachable contacts…

Then I need to rush here and there for last minutes job… lol.. especially as I need to get tambun biscuits for my relative in SG, settle credit card monthly payment, and do my work in the shortest time…

I will have more updates on my KL and SG trip soon ya….

Stay tuned~!

Last but not least, Happy 2011 new year~!

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I need to enjoy myself!

In a few hours time I will be going off to short getaway…. now totally no mood to work….totally in holiday mood d … lol…

I need to enjoy myself this weekend…. afterall I have spent so much on my transportation… erm… my whole month salary gone… and also in debt d… cuz everything paid with my credit card ma…. later go there no more cash need pay via cc… more debts adding in >.<

*sigh* My car… bullied me…. yesterday he show symptoms of low battery… can’t start well…. I went to check it… the forman said I need to change a new battery… *sigh*… cost me RM 195…. 2 years only the battery already cannot last… =____=||||

Anyway, don’t think already la…. the main purpose of this trip is to clear of the unhappy mind… I have packed myself with my make ups, pretty clothes, polished nails, colour lense… and off I go… I want to make myself pretty and happy… when you are pretty your mood will also be better, right? lol…. I hope so.. 🙂  

I seriously hope I will be able to enjoy myself and re-charge myself… too many people around me worried about me already… time for me to get myself back …and it’s  time to find back my motivation 🙂 

Well… happy holidays to those enjoying their Monday off…. have fun ya! I will try my very best! 😀

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