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Apple iPhone

I like Apple product when I first saw it…it is really cool to hold in my hand…but…the laptop is more for designer usage…and it is quite different from our Windows… I never have the chance to own one Mac…so..forget about it….

When ipod launch…I tried it before…and it was cool… the sound, the life span of the battery….it just feel so nice….again…I didn’t own it…cuz it is quite expensive for me at that time…

Now…with the launch of iPhone 3G….again…I fall for it deeply…then there comes iPhone 3GS…which is better than iPhone 3G…wow! Really great to hear that….

The best part is…it is only USD 199 for iPhone 3GS – 8GB and USD 299 for 16GB….I heard this on the news when they first launch iPhone 3GS….and the price for iPhone 3G will drop to USD 99….wow!! Can you believe it? After conversion is only MYR 800+

However, the good news is only for folks in US….Malaysian does not have the chance to own iPhone at such price…in Malaysia…the price is at least MYR 1.5k or more…and with just the phone itself, without any phone line attached, the price is much more expensive….*sigh*

This is just so bad for me…wanted to save money to buy also felt that it is not worth it to buy in Malaysia…ya ya…I can buy from US and crack it in Malaysia….I wish I could…but I have no friends that are there OR going there right now….sad sad…..

Just browsed through Hong Kiat’s website…and saw this post “55 Most Beautiful Apple iPhone Wallpapers“.. some of the iPhone design are nice….and really cool!

Those that really attract my attention are these:






Image source: www.hongkiat.com

July 8, 2009   13 Comments

Beware of your pictures in Facebook

Just to share my thought about this as I find it quite interesting….

Accidentally found out that your friends in your facebook can actually download your photo albums from their FB account, with just “Facebook Photo Album Downloader 0.5.8“. It seems easy and you can download those pictures in just a few clicks…

So for those of you have thousand of friends in your FB list… I bet you are not close to all of them…and you think it is ok to upload your pictures just to share it to your friends… but beware of the world nowadays.. you never know who’s tail you have stepped onto and what they will do just to revenge…

Actually… IF I didn’t work in current company… I wouldnt’ learn to be cautious when I upload anything online… or say anything… Internet has been so widely used…. there are a lot of tools which is easy and free to use to do something bad on someone’s life…

Just to share my thought here… lol… don’t mean anything ya…

Oh! By the way, cool tips on Facebook which I read from Hong Kiat’s website. Can check this thread out:

20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know

June 4, 2009   8 Comments

Just for fun

I should do this long time ago as I know there are this kinda website where I can edit my photos…looks more funny or different….. Missy give me the links before….then I also saw it from Hong Kiat’s website.

Did some changes with the help on Photofunia and Funphotobox…Check it out!

Darren @ ZooSketch of DarrenSis's family

Mom and ITV look of Mom and I

Best Friend - SherMissy and MeBest Friend - Missy

Just me at billboardMe @ Front postedMe @ On screen

May 15, 2009   4 Comments

New theme of ilovehaagendazs.com

Browsed throught Hong Kiat‘s website today… saw this post of him today… “41 Great Looking Free WordPress Themes” and I found my new theme after short listing a few of it…and tested a few on my blog…but the final one I want to change…. which is this one! Watercolour! Is it nice?

Just in case you guys forgot my previous template.. please have a look the picture below:


And this is my new theme:


So I’m calling my reader/friends out there… please leave a comment for me on which theme you like…. I’m still deciding….. then new theme only have one sidebar… I have to squeeze everything in 1 sidebar…. so… kinda messy.. but the design is very cool…. I like it….

Let me know your comment ya! Thanks

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April 21, 2009   14 Comments