I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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It’s all about food in KL – 2

Continue my food search in KL…

Next stop – Haagen Dazs @ Midvalley

It’s been so long since I last had my favorite ice-cream Haagen Dazs!!! Omg! So niceeeeee so yummyyyy…. love it to the max!

Sixth stop – Goku Raku Ramen for dinner

Saw this shop and it’s newly open… well.. at least just few months ago if I’m not wrong… and since we don’t know what to eat and friend has craving for ramen, so we went there for dinner….

They have this super worth it promo when we were there.. it was a buy 1 free 1 promo.. and only valid on every Monday till end of Sept…

So… with my friend tam chiak face, he ordered 2 bowls of ramen for himself cuz he said it’s super worth it ma.. =.=

I have one serving is more than enough already .. don’t want to grow anymore fatter :p

Seventh stop – Supper at mamak stall


I was craving for fried chicken wing and roti canai on the last night… suppose wanted to out for a drink but since I have this craving, we might as well go for supper instead!

My fried chicken wing and roti canai! yum yum…

Friend opted for tandoori chicken set…

The bill turned out to be quite ex as well… omg…. miss Penang food so much since they were way much cheaper and nicer!

Last meal in KL….. breakfast at Papa Rich

Egg, milk tea and toast for me!

Food just normal in Papa Rich.. but the price was double than the normal hawker centre… well… this is the price you have to pay for eating in a franchise outlet with aircon in them LP

There goes my food blog on KL trip…. phew… so much about food… well… I didn’t shop much in KL… not with the right shopping mate… hahha… but I do enjoy this trip very much… at least it was fruitful 😀

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KL Trip on Labour Day

Went to KL on Labour Day weekend… took 10 hours bus to reach my destination =.= really wtf lor… not going to tk coach d… wasted whole afternoon on the road nia… haiz….. so sad…

As I reached quite late (5.30pm in the evening)… not much time for me to go to Petaling Street for their Ikan Bakar d… and friend wanted to go Jalan Alor for their hawker food… so we went there for dinner…. food there not bad.. but very pricy lor compare to other part of hawker centre…. hmm.. it’s one of the tourist attraction.. I’m a tourist in my own country!

After dinner I was exhausted… so just checked in hotel and get an early rest…. forgot to take pic of my hotel… =.=

Breakfast next day was toast bread & tea for me… half boil egg & coffee for friend… we woke up quite late… haha.. dragged till 11am only out from room.. too lazy to move around d 😛

First stop: Midvalley~! Shopping day… yay! But got stucked in the jam outside Midvalley… *sigh*

First thing to do when we reached there: Movie tickets for Thor! Movie quite nice lor… read my review on Thor here.

After window shopping around and still didn’t get what I want… we went for our lunch… late lunch @ Sushi Zenmai… one of my favourite … but friend said the food tasted so so only =.= si pek yim jim 😛 Well… cuz he’s very into japanese food… so basically to his standard are the japanese food in Cititel Penang / Ryoma…

I have never been to Cititel Japanese food.. I heard it was quite nice.. but friend said seems like they have changed a new chef… so the food not so nice already…

But my review about Ryoma ~ food so so only.. heheh…

After lunch… we went for movie – Thor… and since I still can’t get what I want… we headed to Sunway Pyramid… vroom~! Need to rush there cuz we wanted to catch the next movie ~ The Lost Bladesman.. I have my review about The Lost Bladesman here.

The movie was at 11.40pm… we went for our dinner at Tony Roma… food not that nice… haiz…

After movie reached hotel was 2am… super sleepy d…. zzzz……….

Next day… we wanted to have a late check out…. but hotel doesn’t allow it =.= so dragged myself up from the cozy bed to KLCC~!

Lunch @ Yuzu … another Japanese restaurant… hahaha…

Friend said the food quite nice… and the price quite reasonable as compare to Cititel & Ryoma…. hmm.. I have no idea.. he’s the Pro here….. he said I listened lo…

But then the set he ordered quite worth it lor…. RM 38 for a lot of varieties… not bad….

Then..headed to LCCT for my flight back…. *sigh*… such a short weekend… there goes my holiday…. sad

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KL trip: Day 1

Alright… this round Sher and I went down to KL to find Lam after she’s back from her honeymoon…

Well.. it’s more like a girl hang out weekend…

We took Thursday night bus… reached Klang already midnight… went for supper.. then talked till late night only sleep…

The next day was a shopping day~!

First stop: Midvalley~!

I love Midvalley this year Xmas decoration.. it was covered with soft toys!!! And they were all soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute & huge~!

When we reached Midvalley it was 2pm… and all the car parks were full! Bloody hell~! But lucky us… we just drove into exit H and ngam ngam got 1 person left the place.. lucky us….

First thing we saw was this ice-cream… Sher got attracted to it… so she bought 1 cup with 3 scoops to share…

It was quite costly lor… 1 cup 3 scoops cost Sher RM 17++… more ex than Baskin Robins & Haagen Dazs >.<

I just love Midvalley… don’t you love the decoration as well?

Especially this humongous teddy bear… wow~! I wonder how much does it cost… so huge! If I got a mansion.. I think I can have this in my room… niceeeee…

And of cuz… picture of the bitch blogging now.. lol 😛

Check out the rest of the bitches.. ahem.. I mean pretties 😀

Then we went to have our lunch + tea time at Sushi Zanmai…

Last pic of the day on 2 pretty babes…  before my camera died off >.<

Haih… we had caviar sushi… which we don’t have in Penang… and I don’t get to snap a picture on it… sad…..

Then afterthat Benny met us up… we shop around… till the end with the exhausted feeling.. I got nothing.. haih… sad…

We went to a chinese restaurant in The Garden for dinner…under Benny’s recommendation… forgot the chinese name d… haih… no pictures on that as well… super sad…

Headed back Klang…

Slept at 2am again… cuz babes needed whole night to talk… lol….

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My holiday trip #9: Stop-by Kuala Lumpur

My final stop for my Aus trip – KL! The purpose of this stop is just for shopping… just in case we didn’t get anything from AUS (which obviously we didn’t!)

Updates on our flight food which cost me RM 10 >.< … it was exactly the same when we flew from KL-Perth!!!

Flight food @ KL

I threw up the food when I stepped down to Perth International Airport >.<

Ok..back to KL trip… We stayed at Tunes Hotel… which is damn cheap.. 3 nights just RM 173 for two person… so… quite good lor… We didn’t pay for air-con…fan will do… save money… lol…

Tunes Hotel @ KL 2

In KL is all about shopping and eating… and of cuz .. RELAXING my mind! We went to Time Square, Petaling Street, Ikea, The Curve, One-Utama, Midvalley (My second home when I was in Uni that time)…

Food @ KL 3Food @ KL 4

>> The best food I had in KL was Sushi Zanmai @ One-Utama… the Japanese food there was really nice… too bad Penang doesn’t have their branches…

Some of the pictures were taken by my hp… lazy to bring my camera out… very heavy ma… 😛

Some random pictures of mine:

Me @ KL 6Me @ KL 7Me @ KL 8

Things I bought in KL… the best deal I got was in FOS… >.< miss US shopping spree soooooo much.. wonder when can I go back there again? *sad* *emo*

Shopping @ KL 9Shopping @ KL 10

>> Yes, Sin Chan is one of my favourite cartoon… and that was the latest and last updates from the author… cuz after that latest copy was released.. he was found dead… >.< *sad sad*

>> And yes, I bought a chopping board from Ikea for mom and 2 soap racks… hehe… 1 for sis and 1 for my house.. 😛

Lastly, I had my first MCD meal @ LCCT.. damn crowded with people…


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