I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Butterfly farm with family

Had a great CNY this year… especially when our baby girl celebrated her first CNY with us.

Since the mom need a time-off , we brought the boy to have a walk.

Actually we are looking for toy museum. But we are not sure where it has moved to. So we ended up in butterfly farm.

It has been years since our last visit to here. That was when dad was still alive. And so many things have changed.

They have more butterflies there and the whole place were decorated with much effort being put in.

And they even have charges for foreigners and local! I just love this. This should be implemented in such a way so that the locals can enjoy this place without feeling reluctant to visit this place due to the price.

Even for locals we have to pay RM 18 for adult, RM 13.50 for children, RM 10 for senior citizen. Hahaha… mom is considered senior citizen d lor. ^^ As for the foreigners, they will have to pay … I think is RM 27 for adult. Can’t remember the price for children. :p

They even have a cartoon for kids to watch and it’s really funny video clips. Talks about dragonfly vs bee. Not much of education but it was really funny and the kids & adults enjoyed it! (no pic on that though)

It was a hot day and lucky I’m dressed in a light attire to beat the heat. ^^

The boy definitely enjoyed himself as he got this time out and he took a lot of pictures there as well. Lastly he also got one ice-cream to chill himself by the end of the little tour.

And we the adults had fun too!

Just realized I didn’t take picture with my sis cuz no1 help us take it >.<|| Mom’s hand too shaky and same goes to the boy. Haha… too bad. We just need a tripod next time!

Family time rocks!


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A simple drink at Kopi Cine Penang Island

Went to Kopi Cine on a Saturday night on end of Feb..… it was quite late when we reached there… they were almost closing down… so we just went for a simple drinks…

It was indeed a quiet night as well…… this place is quite famous for it’s coffee… and I believed many Penangties will know this place 🙂

We were the last customers… hahah…

Since both friend and I are not coffee lover…. so I just had a lime soda… and friend got a lime ice-blended… forgot how they named it… lol….

They even have crayons on the table for you to draw / write what you want….

Well… I just play it for fun since didn’t touch crayons for years already… a cozy place to be… 🙂

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A night shot on Penang

Friend told me there was this place where I can shot Penang Night’s view very nice one… can take the whole Gurney Drive stretch….

It was raining at that time and the guard doesn’t really wanted to let us in … so we just cincai took a few pics then cabut d…

Before that… we went to Padang Dato Keramat for dinner…

Their Sup Kambing and Sup Lembu are very famous one….

And we also ordered the pasembur to share it out…

We went to Teluk Bahang Dam to try out the fireworks effect… but the pictures weren’t nice… only one that is still ok…

After that… went to round PG island… saja want to see the lanterns of Penang Heritage town…

Ngam ngam saw one temple with a very nice lanterns… so we stopped by to take pictures of the temple..

It was a quiet night.. of cuz la! It was 1am at night…. sure no1 around already ma….

It was also my first time to stay up so late just to take pictures… lol….

Another fun experience to be remembered..

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Yearly visit @ Kek Lok Si

Every year CNY we will pay Kek Lok Si a visit….. for prayers and also to see the beautiful lights they put up

Bro-in-law normally doesn’t like to go cuz the jam was damn crazy…. but this year he volunteered to go there… sure we go la~! And we parked housing area down at Air Itam market there…

We just took a few pictures there and bro-in-law went to take car to drive us up to the Guan Yim up the hill….. if take cable car need to pay and also need to walk a long way …

We still jam all the way up as usual… each car cost RM 2 >.< and still need to jam all the way up…

After we lighted the joss stick, we change some coins for Darren to put on the donation container around the Guan Yim…

This year Darren is tall enough to put the coins in each of the container… he was super excited…lol…

Sis with her family:

And my pic with sis & mom:

They got a lot more lights decoration this year and also new year stuff to be sold….

After that… we went to find the Chinese Horoscope status to take pic… before that… need to let Darren wash hand first as he touched the coins just now…

He was manjaing with his mother… lol….

I definitely have to take with my doggie status la….

Bro-in-law is born on rabbit year… so must take with the rabbit status… the temple pic also wrapped the rabbit with red cloth… 🙂

And mom with the cow status…

Then we headed home as Darren already sleepy…

By the time we went back around 10pm, the car still jam all the way from the foot hill >.<

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Shopping day with sister & lunch at Azuma Japanese Restaurant

Sis is back… and she hasn’t got her CNY clothes yet.. so Mom & I accompanied her to do her shopping last friday…

Went to Kitschen, Element, etc then only got her choice of CNY clothes…then got Yu Ren Sheng’s hamper for mom…

>> me syok sendiri while waiting for sis to test out her clothes… hehehe….

Lunch at Azuma Japanese Restaurant cuz sis wanted to have Japanese food…

We ordered all the ala-carte food…

They have salmon promotion for January month… so we ordered mostly all salmon’s food…

Definitely need to order vege and edamame – mom’s favourite… and it was quite fresh and tasty ei edamane..

The salad was quite nice as well.. just that the dressing is a bit salty ….

Mom can’t take all d raw food… so we ordered salmon set for her…. 🙂

I also order salmon fried rice…

Overall I found the food in Azuma quite nice lo after few times trying… maybe is eating it at the right time with the right person…. 🙂

First time went with best friend, then sis, then family… all also nice… But I wonder why friends complained bout the food there.. lol…

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Ryoma Japanese Restaurant

Even though I knew this Ryoma Japanese Restaurant as it has been there for quite some time.. and I heard good reviews on the food before… but… I don’t have a big rush to try it out….

It was a movie night and I lazy to think of dinner place… so friend just brought me there… lazy think oso and it was on the way to the cinema 😛

First thought when I entered … how come bo lang (nobody) ei? lol….

Then friend guided me to a small compartment they had… inside was a round table which can fit around 4 ppl… skinny one la 😛

Anyway… I was quite full after drank d whole bottle of “Wong Lou Kat” friend bought for me cuz I wasn’t feeling really well… so I just ordered something light ….

Appetizer.. not nice one

Friend ordered a duno-what-rice… lol..

My Sushi + cawanmushi…

My comments:

Overall the food was very fresh… confirmed is freshly-made-per-order la….

But then… the cawanmushi quite salty… and the appetizer oso salty one…  I cannot take salty food one… I prefer the taste not so strong one.. probably I’m used to it d… hehehe…. Mom’s good brought up 😛

Most important.. I don’t know what to order when I’m there… hmm….they got a lot of choices… but then non of it that I feel like eating… bad.. very bad…

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Dinner @ The Sire Museum

Finally got chance to try this out~! I went there once few weeks ago but they weren’t open yet…. Luckily this time gets to try it out 🙂

They got a Museum specially on Yap Ah Loy’s history… but it was closed for renovation when I went there this time… too bad lor….

We opted for the second floor seat….

I ordered a Mongolian Lamb and friend ordered well done steak…

Food was quite nice…. well…. portion wasn’t that big and it’s quite pricy… but then.. it’s the price for fine dining ma… friend said the taste and presentation seems better d compared to the last time he went there…… duno is it they change chef or what…

After dinner I went upstairs to have a look….

The design remained very traditional lor…. feel really wasted for not able to see the museum itself as it is still under renovation…. haih…. too bad….

Last but not least, camwhore pic of me!

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Tropical Spice Garden @ Teluk Bahang

Tropical Spice Garden… is one of the famous place in Penang for lovely couples to take their wedding pictures there… but normal people will also go la… good for family to mix around as you can bring your kids there to learn about the flora & fauna which can’t be found easily nowadays…

I always wanted to go there for photo taking… but then never really has the chance.. and I have been making noise to go here for several times… hehehe… finally my friend agreed to bring me there… which I didn’t expect… and I din bring my SLR along…>.< so… all the photos below taken with my Sony TX1 compact…  🙂

There wasn’t many people that day.. although it was a public holiday… only a few families with kids … a couple taking their wedding pictures… and us …

The entrance fee is RM 14 for each adult… they also provided “chang mao oil” for us to put on our hands and legs to prevent mosquitoes bite…

I love this picture most although the small boat already floaded with water… almost half sink… 😛

And also this:

More pictures of Tropical Spice Garden:

Mostly the pictures here were more on natural view… no human.. hahhaha… friend was force to bring me here… so… no mood take pictures of human 😛 …

View from top of the hill…

There was a Spice Museum in there… small small one… just some information provided there only.. not really that informative thou…

Flowers found in here….

They also have one souvenir shop in here… which they have spices packed under Tropical Spice Garden’s name… but I have to say they were quite costly lor… hahah… more for tourist one… 😛

The spices arrangement below almost same like the Spice Market’s arrangement in Rasa Sayang Restaurant…

And I saw Vanila-in-bottle:

Say me katak-di-bawah-tempurung… I really don’t know vanila looks like this… sumore is black in colour.. cuz the normal vanila we used for baking is in while colour one..>.<

Anyway…. the entrance fee quite expensive lo… nothing much to see…. and the map cost RM 5 / piece which friend said they should give it for free … >.<

P/S: It was an eye opening and good experience for me… now I won’t be making noise of wanted to go there d since I’m there b4 d… 😛

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