I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Coffee Lane @ King Street Penang

Initial plan was to have tea / dinner at Sire Museum Restaurant … but… my clever friend didn’t call up to check the operation time… so when we reached there it was closed..

So he suggested this shop nearby… just across the street…

This Coffee Lane.. I didn’t know about it till this very day

It is a very homey coffee shop… as the main attraction is the coffee and I’m not much of a coffee person ( I cannot sleep after drink coffee / tea).. so I ordered the Ice Chocolate

As for my friend ordered a drip coffee ~ Syphon Brewing Coffee … well.. the process was fun… it was like science lab pparatus for brewing this drip coffee… you can check out
What2SeeOnline’s blog about this

Food we ordered Thai Style Chicken chop:

Tripled decked sandwich:

And I saw some special apparatus in the shop.. check out the coffee grinder:

Another type of apparatus use in Syphon Brewing…. made of stainless steel.. this cost few hundred now >.<

Bunsen burner.. also cost few hundred =______=|||

Different apparatus for Syphon… again another few hundred for this:

Last but not least… apparatus you can get from this shop:

We stayed there for hours just watching the Syphon brewing process going thru again and again… and it trigerred my memory in high school and UNI on my lab works… gosh! I miss schools!

It is in fact a very cozy place for coffee lover.. if you are one, do check this out…

Address: Coffee Lane
10-B King Street, 10200 Penang
Tel : 04 2610625
Business Hours : 11 am – 8 pm
Closed on Thursday

My next stop will be Kopi Cine… never been there… should try it out πŸ™‚

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Best Kuey Teow Soup in Town

Went to Chowrasta market for breakfast with mom.. she suggested us to have this really famous Kuey Teow soup…

We planned to ordered the steam chicken as side dish… but their business was so good that day and no more chicken left by the time I order.. >.<

So… ended up I ordered the duck wings… wah…. wah.. looks yummy right?

And here come the kuey teow soup:

The soup is not like normal clear soup type.. but it was definitely a very sweet soup.. with no MSG!

I forgot to snap pic of the coffee shop name…. just go to Chowrasta market in the morning… and ask for the direction to this shop.. the market people will be able to help out cuz it is a very famous Kuey Teow soup show πŸ˜€

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Drink at Yeng Keng Hotel

Friend told me about this hotel few weeks back… He said this hotel quite special with the new lightings at night…

Ngam ngam one day I past by this hotel… then oni I realized this hotel seems familiar… seems like a friend’s bf worked there one…

And also ngam ngam I met my friend the next day… she confirmed that her bf is working there…she told me some of the history and currently they got promotion on their roomsΒ and they also got promotion on their beer also… buy 1 bucket (5 bottles) free 2 bottles… but she said details need to ask d bf d πŸ˜€

Yeng Keng Hotel just newly renovated…details I’m not sure d… hahha…

We gets to walk around the hotel afterΒ we asked permission from the staff πŸ™‚

They have 20 rooms with different sizes in it… I didn’t count how many rooms in Ground Floor… how many at First floor.. busy snapping pictures… hehehe… environment quite cozy lor…

We didn’t walked up stairs… cuz scared interupted their guest ma cham? πŸ˜›

They have one swimming pool…… hehhee…..the pool sumore looks soooo niceeeeee to swim in… wahhh….heheheh….best to swim alone in it.. all by myself Β πŸ™‚

The beach chair sooo cozy~! Sleep there also feel so relax…

They also have a small car park behind the hotel

Ok… after all pictures session… time for a drink… buy 1 bucket at RM 55 and get 2 bottles free~!

I’m not much of a beer person… so very fast IΒ felt tipsy d and the beer oso made me sleepy… felt so paiseh to my friend nia… hehee… next time go drink wine better πŸ˜€

Although this hotel situated in Chulia Street and it wasn’t very big… butΒ I think it’s quite a cozy place to stay…

Anyway, you can know more details about Yeng Keng Hotel from their website
yengkenghotel.com.my…. and you can also joinΒ Yeng Keng’s facebook ….

Check them out todayas you really can’t find much hotel in Penang preserved so well now~!

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Pre-CNY preparation

Don’t know what to blog… really in very deep shit mood lately … can’t think of something happy to blog… *sigh*

But anyway, Chinese New Year is around the corner. 2 more weeks .. 2 more weeks!!! Bloody hell! I didn’t get my new tops yet!!! And I only have one jeans! That jeans also bought in Australia … gosh!! Want to die d…

I’m supposed to change my new look every year… this year I have postponed it till now and I haven’t done any changes… cuz no money!!! Arghhhh!!! I have made my appointment for my new hairdo in one of the hair studio… I love there… cuz is cheap.. I opt for Junior Stylist and the service is quite good. Wash + cut only RM 22. Best is, it is in Queensbay Mall, Penang! Well.. I know I’m cheapo… opt for Junior Stylist only… wei! Very expensive if go for Senior/Pro stylist ler. One head RM 50/60… faint… If I got rich husband then I can do that.. else.. no money no talk πŸ˜› Oh! The hair salon’s name is D’trend. πŸ™‚

Then…. supposedly I want to do straightening + colour + high-light.. which cost almost RM 500 in this salon… >.< Since I just mentioned I got no money (Reason of me being broke might be posted after CNY… also depends on my mood πŸ˜› ) … so I choose to go for colour + high-light only.. that also cost me RM 265 =___=||| Why girl’s hairdo so expensive one?!

I’m still thinking what colour to choose… then I googled some colours I would prefer:

1. New Layered  Bob Hairstyles

>> I like this.. but can’t see the high-light

2. Red Hair Color Trends

>> Like this as well.. but too bright.. don’t know after 1 week will be what colour πŸ˜›

3. Brown Hair Color For Short

>> Erm… this is the most common colour… which I don’t really like.. πŸ˜›

Image source: becomegorgeous.com

Which colour I should go for? Let me know ya!

Oh! Appointment for hairdo has been made.. stay tuned for my latest look after 6-Feb-2010! πŸ™‚

Ok… back to my CNY clothes… *sigh*… haven’t gotten any nice tops a.. except t-shirt πŸ™ Then that day went to Forever 21… tried 9 pieces of tops… like one sweater .. RM 109.. quite warm one… and it is in burgundy … didn’t buy any one first round… went to Kitschen .. also tried 9 pieces of tops… found one one piece skirt.. blue and white flower print.. quite nice… RM 79.90.. discount 20% which will be RM 63.90… BUT it cannot match with the new shoe I bought.. *sigh*

After much consideration, I went back to Forever 21 to get the burgundy sweater.. love it! That is also why I have burnt a big hole in my pocket… *cry*

Oh! Btw, the new shoe I got for my CNY is this:

New shoe from StepNew shoe (Side View) from Step

>> To be honest, it is really hard for me to find a shoe suits me… don’t know my fashion sense too good or too bad.. I’m just a picky person when it comes to my attire πŸ˜›

>> I just love this new shoe! Tho it is not like the one I saw in SG… which I couldn’t find it back in Malaysia.. *damn sad for this*… but lucky I can still find one suitable one.. πŸ˜›

Alright, that’s pretty much about it for this time.. will update you all when I have got my tops/new clothes πŸ˜›

P/S: I went to check out the nail price… turned out nail extension cost me RM 110 (Cheapest in QB) .. which does not include nail art… then if I want to use fake finger nails, which is called full tips.. that will depend on the nail art design I choose.. which will also cost RM 60++ .. this also doesn’t include manicure!!! OMFG!!!! I better die suak d…all also money money money!!! Arghhh!!!

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