I'm so in love with food lately… and travel around looking for food and nice place to visits… after all… life is short so enjoy it~!
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Last dinner with sis before she fly off

We had our last dinner with sis at Azuma Japanese Restaurant before she flew back to work …. if you notice, we had Japanese food at Azuma when sis returned on 28-Jan-11…. lol… sis craved for Japanese food so much…

Darren as usual being cheeky whenever I wanted to take his pic…

See how he “stick” with his mom and shown the naughty face… lol…

We ordered some of the food to share…. this month they have soft crab promotion instead of Salmon…

And as usual we ordered set dinner for mom…

Again… come check out the cheeky boy’s naughty face:

Me & mom… didn’t put on make up that day… haih… my dark circle so dark… like a panda… *sigh*…

After dinner… we brought Darren to the playground on the same level as Azuma….

Chicken him…. changed 3 coins… but only played one … when we asked him to put the coins into the other machine.. he denied… =____=||| so now we have the other 2 coins with us…

Last pic with sis… Take care my sis…

February 26, 2011   2 Comments

Shopping day with sister & lunch at Azuma Japanese Restaurant

Sis is back… and she hasn’t got her CNY clothes yet.. so Mom & I accompanied her to do her shopping last friday…

Went to Kitschen, Element, etc then only got her choice of CNY clothes…then got Yu Ren Sheng’s hamper for mom…

>> me syok sendiri while waiting for sis to test out her clothes… hehehe….

Lunch at Azuma Japanese Restaurant cuz sis wanted to have Japanese food…

We ordered all the ala-carte food…

They have salmon promotion for January month… so we ordered mostly all salmon’s food…

Definitely need to order vege and edamame – mom’s favourite… and it was quite fresh and tasty ei edamane..

The salad was quite nice as well.. just that the dressing is a bit salty ….

Mom can’t take all d raw food… so we ordered salmon set for her…. πŸ™‚

I also order salmon fried rice…

Overall I found the food in Azuma quite nice lo after few times trying… maybe is eating it at the right time with the right person…. πŸ™‚

First time went with best friend, then sis, then family… all also nice… But I wonder why friends complained bout the food there.. lol…

February 1, 2011   1 Comment

Sing K at Neway with Sister

Sister was so into sing k… she asked me to go sing k with her…. and since Neway Queesbay was just newly opened… I booked there for our session last Monday (it was a replacement Public Holiday for Penang πŸ˜€ )

It was a normal weekdays…. so the rate is 9.80++

which included the free salad buffet…

The room was quite big (forgot to snap pic on the whole room).. only has the nice design with bamboo theme:

I didn’t know that there was a salad bar besides our room… till I recalled got the salad buffet… so I went to kaypo…

The mushroom soup was nice… the salad also nice… quite worth it lor… hehheehe….

But the main course wasn’t nice at all…. sister ordered a duno-what-chicken rice… she said it was not nice…

I ordered a Japanese style noodle soup… erm… totally just a clear soup noodle:

My sister very geng one a… somemore can sing Pussycat ~ Hush Hush… see her in action:

Well… the salad buffet was quite worth it….compared to the main course…. but total billed was RM 22+… sister said quite worth it… well… to me it’s alright la… but the duration was quite short lor… we reached at 11am… can sing till 1.15pm nia…and they cut off our time 1.10pm! Damn! Knn!

To end this post… some camwhore pic of me:

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Dinner @ Dragon-I with family

Last dinner with sister before she departed back to her work… we went to Queensbay for dinner…

At first wanted to eat the newly opened Taiwanese food.. but seems need to wait… so we went to Dragon-I… also need to wait >.< then when we wanted to go back to the Taiwanese food, there was longer queue already!!!

Baby… as usual.. cheeky… run here and there… throwing tantrums when he couldn’t get what he wanted…

Sister ordered a noodle… thought it won’t be spicy so baby can eat… manatau it turned out to be spicy ones… so she gave bro-in-law’s fried rice to bb and also mom’s chicken soup noodle…

#1: Sis’s noodle:

#2: Signature dishes of Dragon-I – Xiao Long Bao:

>> Si pek delicious.. I like the hot gravy inside the skin.. you got to be very careful when you eat cuz if not, the hot gravy will burn your lips and also spill out… would be a waste πŸ˜›

#3: My Sze Chuan ma la mian:

>> Not nice one…

#4: Bro-in-law’s fried rice

#5: Side dish 1: Fried crispy eel

>> So hard! Not nice also πŸ˜›

#6: Side dish 2: roast duck

>> Not what sister want… very salty… I don’t like it either.. only bro-in-law likes it… so he finished them all πŸ˜›

#7: Mom’s Chicken soup seafood noodle:

>> I like the soup.. tasted very delicious.. should order this on my next visit πŸ˜€

Some cheeky pictures of Darren:



>> Ask him smile he show me such face =___=|||


>> He did it purposely! @_@


>> Again.. ask him smile he show different facial expression d


>> Darren’s bored look


>> Daddy bullied Darren πŸ˜›

#14: My latest picture with Mom:

March 11, 2010   1 Comment

Dinner @ Azuma with family

Meet up with family after work and dinner at Azuma Japanese Restaurant in Queensbay… supposed sister want to dine-in at Sushi King… then I don’t have the member card… thought Sher got bring her Azuma member card… then only realized she didn’t… but sister already went in.. so.. just dine-in there…

Didn’t snap pictures on the food… lol… too bad πŸ˜›

Just humans….


Darren & Sister @ Azuma


Darren & Sis @ Azuma 2


Mom & Sis @ Azuma


Mom & I @ Azuma


Darren @ QB Playground

>> Darren’s happiest moment – Queensbay playground… He knows how to ask for coins d.. when last time we brought him there he dared not take the rides.. πŸ˜›

Well… didn’t snap bro-in-law’s pic.. lol… wait for my next post on Kek Lok Si then will be able to see bro-in-law’s face πŸ˜›

March 3, 2010   2 Comments

Sherine’s birthday celebration

Lam and I had an early celebration with Sherine as Sher is going down to KL on her real birthday. So we make it few days earlier.

Like usual, we didn’t really plan ahead…everything is kinda last minutes. As I planned to buy Sher’s birthday gift with her, then will meet up with Lam for dinner….but turned out… Sher off work kinda late…and she drove off to Queensbay from her office while I’m waiting at her outside her house ==” ya ya….I know…blur her…so I waited for her to drive back and fetch her to Queensbay. By the time we reached QB, Lam also done with her stuff…

Sher actually suggested dinner @ Sakae Sushi cuz she got one RM 10 voucher..but Lam said it is not nice…well…3 of us agreed on that… then thought of going Dragon-I….at last we have our dinner at TGI Friday.

We ordered one set meal which include 1 appetizer and 1 entrees. Appetizer we went for “Fried Mac and Cheese” (Lam’s choice) andΒ  entrees we went for “Sizzling chicken with Cheese” (Sher’s choice)…. Lam said looks like not enough… both Sher and I were like “huh? you sure? cuz every time we came here sure can’t finish off the food”… till the end we ordered another desserts which is mocha mud pie (my favourite)

TGI Friday - Fried Mac and CheeseTGI Friday - Sizzling Chicken and Cheese

(Forgot took the picture of the entrees… so have to find the correct angle to snap =P)

After talking and eating for 1 hour, we kinda forced ourselves finished off the food, which is shared among 3 of us….so we have to cancel the desserts….cuz with all the cheesy stuff…I doubt we all can finish it…lol…. πŸ™‚

Me and Sherine @ TGI FridayLam and Sherine @ TGI Friday

Ok, gift time…we planned to buy Sher Dermalogical product as she mentioned her toner, moistorizer and sun block finished already. But when we reached QB’s dermalogical, she said she don’t want cuz it is very expensive. Then she said want to go Watson and simply choose one product. ==” Sure we don’t allow that to happen. Ended up we went to Shins… since Sher got 5% birthday voucher….so we just check out the skin care there.

They have this Swiss brand’s skin care specially for sensitive skin. Sher has very sensitive skin…so she is kinda worried that the new skin care will do more harm than good to her face…the promoter said that this new Swiss brand product – Declare has 30 years history in sensitive skin care already. So she assured us nothing to worry about.

We spent quite sometime there listening to the promoter’s explanation…till the end we got Sher 1 toner and 1 moisturizer. They gave 1 bottle of shower gel for every purchased over RM 150.

Tada! Our gift for Sher 2009 birthday:

Sherine's birthday gift - Declare skin care

(I have to ask Sher snap the pic for me as I forgot to snap the pic…so there is some delay…lol)

Anyway, wish you a very Happy Birthday my dear. Wish you enjoy your birthday this year. Wish you succeed in your dreams and your future. Love you and take good care of yourself ya. Muaks… love always.. like I always said and I always meant it, you are always the best that ever happened to me πŸ˜€


(Image source: http://www.lippsisters.com)

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Sunday shopping with Mom at Queensbay and Gurney

This is going to be a very long post ^^ enjoy …

I don’t know whether mom heard such myth….someone told mom that this year in Chinese calendar there are two “May” months. So as the children of your parents, you have to buy 2 pants for your parents… pants means money wor….I really don’t know how true this is…or just a scam that mom wanst to make sure sis and I buy her new pants… lol….but… it’s been quite sometime since I last went shopping with mom.

This Sunday shopping spree I have been planning for 1 week…need 1 week to date my mom…else she will have some other plannings.. lol….

She went to prayers early morning, which I’m too tired to go…so I skipped it…I woke up almost 12 noon only to find out that she just came home *faint*…

So I clean up myself and ordered a take away of Chicken Rice from a stall downstairs when mom was taking a nap πŸ™‚

We got ourselves ready by 2.30pm…off we go to Queensbay, with me as the driver πŸ˜›

When we first reached, we saw Padini on sales…so mom went to find some pants of her liking… went to try…there were a lot of people…and their system kinda sucks in the sense that you are not able to change the size of the clothes/pants you tried when you are in the fitting room…meaning to say, if you got yourself size “M” for a pants and you cant wear it, you want to change to “L” or “S” size… you cannot ask your friends/family to change the correct size and bring it back for you to try it again in the same fitting room… you have to change back to your own pants and line up again with the “correct” size… it is funny isn’t it? The promoter said “cuz if you keep changing, then the line will be longer and you will be trying non-stop”. Hey common la! I’m not taking advantage on trying more clothes but just to change another size so that I know whether I should buy that pants….This might apply to those who really take advantage of trying like 100 clothes which I think is really unfair to others who are waiting in the queue…

but anyway, it is non of my business…cuz I overheard the promoter told some lady…lol…lucky not me…. *blek*…

Anyway, mom bought 2 long pants for her work and leisure…she actually wanted to buy short pants but the size cannot fit… lol….

One thing good about Padini is that they alter your pants for you if it is too long…for FREE! Mom said this is very very good cuz if paying for the alter will cost around RM 3… which she is so happy to save the 6 bucks for 2 pants already…lol… auntie is like that πŸ˜›

Anyway, we’ll have to pay for the pants before they can alter for us… that means mom have to line up for the queue again…well…lucky this time is not that long queue…so…still alright… πŸ™‚

Then this particular promoter which suppose measure mom’s pants for her, didn’t notice that mom went into the fitting room d…so he ask his colleagues “ei, where is that lau ee (Auntie in hokkien but kinda rude)”? whereby he didn’t notice I’m just standing behind there. I just give him a smile and say nothing.

>> Later on I told mom about it and she said why they so rude… well… what can you expect from these promoters? Their pay are not that high and if they can study well, they will not be working there. If they are part-timers, then why should they even bother to treat you nice? I cannot say all are rude….just a few…cannot because of one black sheep and blame the whole group right? πŸ˜›

Padini's pants

Anyway, after done at Padini, mom notice this shop beside Padini, which is selling diamond… I was like “erm…you got money meh?” She said ” pants is a must, but children also can buy earing, bracelet, anklet, necklace for their parents ei… just as long as children buy can d… ==” Kinda have the feelings that my mom is conning me …. lol….

Then we went to Jusco to have a look….but…the clothes were not that nice….

There were a stall promotingΒ  Schwakopf products… bought one moisture kick shampoo, one smooth control conditioner and one rescue repair on Saturday with Missy…. so tempted to buy more… cuz it is 60% + 5% discount…so it is considered super cheap… bought another moisture kick leave-in-moisture on Sunday… for my own stock…lol…I really love Schwakopf hair products… but all the time it is very expensive…so I will not buy it if there is no discount..with the discount now..it is considered really worth it already…Normal price is RM 49…after discount is around RM 19… cool? πŸ™‚

We walked walked around QB… then when we thought of going to Padini to get mom’s pants…mom was so tempted to go into the diamond shop – Aurora..so off we go …

The sales man recommended mom two types of diamond earings.. one was a bit bigger with round cut, another one was smaller with the princess cut… smaller one is much more expensive than the bigger one cuz of its cutting wor… so big one is RM 200 and smaller stone is RM 270… after discount…

Ever wondered how come it is so cheap? Cuz it is synthetic diamond…not real one πŸ˜› and the silverware is made of platinum + sterling… so it is cheaper compare to a real platinum diamond…that I doubt I can afford to pay for it…

Mom asked me which one should her choose.. hmm this point of time… you cannot say the cheaper one cuz she might like the expensive one…and if you say the expensive one…ahem…kinda pain in the chest oso ler…. so…I choose to say wisely which is “you see which one you like then you choose la…since I’m sharing with sis ei…so you choose the one you like most”… cool ler?

LOL…. at the end… mom choose the bigger stone with cheaper price… erm…I’m not sure whether she really didn’t want us to spend too much or what but she said bigger stone is like more worth it.. lol… well… the bigger one more noticeable lo… lol…

Aurora - Synthetic DiamondAurora - Sythetic Diamond

After everything settled in Queensbay, we headed to Gurney… reason why? Cuz there was a health product introduction in G Hotel at 8pm…so we went there a bit earlier for dinner….

Finally I have the chance to eat Winter Warmers again…OMG! I have been craving for their “iced mixed fruits cocktail” for the whole week….finally get to drink it again…how I wish they can open another francise at Queensbay… but they didn’t… sad sad.. they open another shop in Sunway Carnival.. more sad…..:(

Oh, mom saw this cute t-shirt for baby ei…thought of buying it for baby…but don’t have baby’s size…so we have chosen another design… cute as well πŸ™‚

Baby Darren's new shirt

The health talk started quite late…supposed was 8pm … but they delayed till 8.45pm…wtf! then they kept repeating the same things over and over again…sien…the whole talk ended at 10.15pm…wtf!

Reached home 11pm…sooooooooo tired…. need to snap pictures for what I have spent today… total spent: RM 310 + RM 19

Overall, mom back home happily with the gifts … but I’m broke again… *sigh* … positively thinking: I spent for my mom…so still worth it πŸ™‚

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Random post for my past weekend

Been having a busy week.. and I do not have any spare time for myself…lucky me..this weekend I can spare sometime for myself….

Went for a free make up … complimentary from Jusco….it was nice…to indulge myself in the make up process…the Shiseido make up artist was quite good….she makes me pretty… lol…

Missy took some pictures during the process although the make up artist doesn’t allow it..she said Jusco people do not allow it wor….wtf! I also didn’t plan to snap any pictures of their products…sot ei….

During the process:

During make up processDuring the make up process - Front

I love this picture:

Me - Camwhore

More camwhoring pictures:

Me @ QB after make up on 27-Jun-09

After that went to check out Transformer convention @ Queensbay Centre court… I love the bumblebee’s model…cool man! But it cost RM 460 1 piece…I requested the crew there to take the cute bumblebee model for me to snap photos…it got light somemore…cool!

Transformers @ QB 27-Jun-09

Saw some cool motorbike outside Queensbay…just took 2 of them…

Night went to have dinner with bro-in-law, baby, mom, and Ah Boo – Bro-in-law’s friend…check out cheeky ei baby’s face:

Darren @ Dim sum 27-Jun-09

More pictures to go:

Darren@Dim sum 27-Jun-09(2)

He is cute, aint he?

Well..there goes my Saturday… phew….managed to watch “Grey’s Anatomy – Season 5” on NTV7… after I missed it for 2 consecutive week…

Sunday…went for company movie day @ GSC Gurney…my first time to watch Transformers 2…going for second time….cool!

Sunday night went to see doctor…been sick for one week d….cough + flu + headache….so scared was H1N1….lucky the doc said all I need is more rest and it is only a common flu…phew…so scared was a contagious sickness… *blek*….I just need more rest….oi oi time lor…LOL

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