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Movie Review: Oblivion

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Hmm… this one… doesn’t have really clear story line & a bit confusing. 

My friend already preempt me b4 I go to watch that the movie is not nice. I think I went to watch it with not much of expectation, and the movie turned out to be quite ok. 🙂

However, some part of the movie very confusing. Some people might need to google for the storyline to understand the whole story fully.

Anyway, you can download it instead of watching it in cinema 😀


A court martial sends a veteran soldier to a distant planet, where he is to destroy the remains of an alien race. The arrival of an unexpected traveler causes him to question what he knows about the planet, his mission, and himself.

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Movie Review: Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol

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 I felt this one was not as good as the previous one… it shown that Tom Cruise is scared of height & he’s got hesitated on his attempt on dangerous actions.

I would rate this as a B-

However, some people will like it. I don’t see the beauty on this movie. :p

Anyway, it’s outdated blog. Therefore, if you haven’t watch it, just download it 😀



In the 4th installment of the Mission Impossible series, Ethan Hunt and his team are racing against time to track down a dangerous terrorist named Hendricks, who has gained access to Russian nuclear launch codes and is planning a strike on the United States. An attempt by the team to stop him at the Kremlin ends in a disaster, with an explosion causing severe destruction to the Kremlin and the IMF being implicated in the bombing, forcing the President to invoke Ghost Protocol, under which the IMF is disavowed, and will be offered no help or backup in any form. Undaunted, Ethan and his team chase Hendricks to Dubai, and from there to Mumbai, but several spectacular action sequences later, they might still be too late to stop a disaster.

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This movie….it is good that you don’t expect too much…. because it doesn’t talk much about how Adolf Hitler die….it just focus on the Operation Valkyrie… IF there is no Tom Cruise…I believe it will not be attractive already… [Read more →]

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